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Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers believes his team has grown since arriving at Anfield and explains his methodology of getting the Reds back into the Champions League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm sorry if I'm just you know I can remember when you're getting tired and didn't painful to many Liverpool's hands manager -- Rogers is one. Season. Almost a few months has been challenging when he seasons the longest time crunch. Unbelievable tear running in the. He's coming Asians lots. Well that's not -- I. Until we want to. -- holes. Trying to improve its. Performance trends from the music it was a big challenge to -- Together clothes. -- until form. I knew it was gonna happen overnight. Like offensive group -- football. I am telling the football to be in the opponent's tough when you push a race was sort of the bull. Do you do when you go by early. And you look to score goals and and create. A vibrant team for the supporters to. And -- and the right combination and appliance brand -- years -- and this won't lose. Sharing arrangement and haven't since I injured it's -- youngsters early on there. While some small senior plants and animals are starting to flourish under his -- For me -- It challenges different challenges you know things get into the time whenever the players you know -- sixteen to twenty ones that are in this formation. As young professionals. Toronto values and and ethics of the game. He's 21 to 29 which is where DiMarco they are some things and they -- the players -- -- -- to sacrifice and six. Just you know again towards the end of the -- someone's time knowing where. Those things things differently. The ability to cover them. And different -- and -- different -- -- to support them. The small school zones and key for us is to bring and you know since -- and quality players that -- to the agreement. You know I'm and keep his involvement. The history it's weigh heavy on any manager in -- -- There -- a desperate the -- team back. When Renault one neutral position. That this the season three different countries -- these close. You know to go forward and hopefully going forward to remove him.

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