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The Hammers have just one win in their last five matches. Would they make the most of their chances against the struggling Magpies?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's been -- -- -- tonight side of -- the smashing through simply quickly followed by six collapsing against Liverpool. And it denials that dressing room that night. They almost little to the three sell -- to. Practicing -- old -- brutal and he flipped it definitely -- UCS tonight -- Let the -- that -- go back he'd be. It -- tied to the media capital tonight. According to the team officials at first sit at the right cool that this replay suggests it -- just appeal the night. Defense up the puck but that was a typical event things got life and the second period. The Cowell felt he could help like that insists that it put Jarvis is -- -- that platform but you can also not. We know that it's at that though repelled by a top doubles say for Baldelli it. Know that the right take the ball most of the head that he's kept out and -- the -- out brilliantly skewed two way the -- you know -- stop them. Barely fifty seconds late today he was added again I victories fifth most -- jumpers that night. Let's have it you said it's a big stage but you can also could've gone ahead themselves not long ago that. You know -- -- away on the left hand side that you see just delighted had a rush of blood to the head in front skipped around hit. Set his -- now you lie to people close to. -- goal at three points it would have been absolutely priceless did you counsel. We take it to the match would be second list the -- points attack it the division. They could have left without severe enough to cut the open era happy to go back to school here. Seem to still put -- about the -- away a couple of challenges but the ankle was always to get -- as he -- to step towards goal. I'm apology -- -- -- -- -- perhaps -- -- up for it the second half of it or both stepped out to be big spotlight shaped. -- -- -- Chelsea is not from just outside the area and yes delighted some dribbled wide of the up front it is west not built you counsel --