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Current Video:QPR v Arsenal Premier League Highlights 05/04/13|

Arsenal is in the hunt for a Champions League place. Check out all the best plays from Saturday's battle at Loftus Road.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Baseball wages last London Dhabi is a Premier League club this season. Great to be another fruitless and team at Loftus road for the at 21 seconds on the clock when Theo both Colts for the twentieth time in all competitions this season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- May just caught napping from the start since they came to play but what that was definitely on side as you receive the bull. Plaisted field keeper -- green. Local proved to be the same old school Rangers. Rolled me it was more than a match from then on -- -- at the onto the post. What tended to be a frustrating afternoon at the Arsenal. And Rangers the chances but -- team just wouldn't go into the back to the next green ready to on this occasion. It was also more than a match to load the -- the first notable -- -- -- in the second half. Let's also look for the guys that have been in the victory at Loftus road. They're placing it on fourth place. I knew it was a three plays at the end of the match which would be more memorable than perhaps the proceeding ninety minutes yet. The -- has been searching for three crucial points in their quest for a hopeful finish. Once again World -- -- to -- Let's get -- Atlanta Hawks how badly he was able to back stats with a short field that brought green. Rangers were riding deadlock -- standing looks apostle pressure. Green is keeping the school line that. Outrageous events and places serious question. Medical. But which Belichick says he was able to guide to safety. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of the greatest season. They could get the pulled into the back of the net and also know that with three points keep beyond -- Arsenal won't.

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