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Current Video:Norwich City v Aston Villa Premier League Highlights 05/04/13|

Catch all the action from Carrow Road as Aston Villa aims to solidify its Premier League Safety


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Poland that would tend to carry right for a second time this season disaster -- aside unchanged from the six moment of the Sunderland. They cut chances were few and far between in the first off. -- we're starting to take six points above neutral zone. The -- -- before the right foot of snow Grossman Afrique. You know which is to score going into this -- you know he hits it into the walls. And so he's -- to save the season. Ten minutes into the second off the deadlock was broken county I don't know but stunning so don't go. Rushing plays in yellow and green pulled it is sure to watch this informative by the time of the season. This one's faith in seven games. I just had no confidence. Off to that killed a couple of opening tonight -- unable to do these nights. Light down the Tennis Channel you read stories from the canaries back line. The manager is going to failed to take the opportunity from close range. It's going to be won the cup wouldn't count road that you over the season and he really should about the team he's tool that can play -- Padilla hadn't kept clean sheet their previous twenty full guns and sure enough knowledge school. Just getting too comfortable -- that threw it into the school Tapp Michael what's the most. Well insults when he's 402 really good news but -- -- -- state and -- practice and Aston Villa last summer. -- staying with Milledge. Yes and the Michael little would prove to be the difference. Little white vessel and apply this not finish like until. They second of the game ninety of the Premier League instead. Losing Aston Villa loads of fourteen points no rage like -- relegation until it's finished. We're 61 to -- and it's sitting. -- right.

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