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Could Wigan maintain its push for survival with a win against West Brom? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But he went to Wigan Athletic. They needed it to. 32 against -- of it snowed here twice they came through the night -- before they don't initially just to pull off now. Singled sent to gain from bunkers throws a good strokes. Then it's largely self inflicted global let's go midfielder pulled Silva now that's that we can -- learn from Germany giving the ball away. The penalty -- rose's -- could make just his third start of the season moments after it. But we did little with all the -- Who else could improve the convent school right since she goes this season a towering header from jobless isn't girls. And it's it's little. Just ten minutes of the falling behind. Just -- points in the last four league games and things didn't look great when Westbrook went back into the -- That was the -- had a game early in the second half. We get. With a pool today. Was still. Looking to extend that you point cynical. But -- full bucket as did level changed at Tulsa on the field about two seconds. Donated to the opponent. He replaced Jody Davis a top of the double changed my regrets about Tennessee inject new life -- insight. And it certainly Willis. The winning goal came courtesy -- caliber out of it. The real credit goes to -- -- And -- break down the left insights. -- -- -- -- The fifth goal in his last eleven appearances movement and just seconds in the trivial it we can live like three golds to team.

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