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Current Video:Arsene Wenger moving to PSG this summer?|

FOX Soccer News reports about the rumblings suggesting that Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal for PSG this summer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss that you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. There are rumblings that yesterday boss Carlo Ancelotti is interested in the -- -- Madrid job. As we all speculate about that there are reports that arsenal's manager arson -- Eric wouldn't elaborate PST. With more on anger and they got a huge game this weekend here at Paul -- The sports pages and England have been dominated by talk about Jose is probable returned to Chelsea. But it been suggestions that also will native new boss next season too is claimed -- sentiment plan to work very hard this summit attempts Ellison Mbenga back to France. -- insists he's extremely happy here -- else on and one break a contract that runs until the end of next season. And he seemed to today he could stay on beyond that it's. I want to leave. But different groups you don't want to cup concedes as they don't. I need to win a tour. I want to -- to do where you know that's my my basic feeling he's not. You have gone through a period that was very sensitive. The cubbies come to know defeat Nolan. You know much stronger position. Financially. And I believe that if traditions -- strong position for the future. For the rest. My -- and coach and he's fishing -- and what did you pull and his future of -- This weekend also face cute PR who won last season's meeting at Loftus road as part of a five game winning streak at home that kept them in the Premier League. They go to this meeting having already been relegated to defend the believes that can actually make them more dangerous opponents it. Cannot produce the dude who played under this pressure and -- movies this year. And can be you of course a very dangerous. Also run a good draw on the road losing any one of their last thirteen for many matches. They've won three in a row on the roads. Soviets didn't moves from away from Ole miss and and we had two groups to be due to. How do you explain that going to be deducted told the beginning of -- -- played do you -- another few yet. And to away from home we played -- more freedom and to express more of all the game and it may be this way because the home teams I talk more. Against us when they do would -- immigrants you know but. Away from home will you be attributed to which she's in. And aviation group is still suspended because Bobby Penske remains sidelined but also Mbenga has no fresh injury worries off the last -- -- with Manchester United's. He'll -- -- set again this week that he wants to play through the middle distorted as adults keep will be the main striker against the Detroit. Foremost an Arsenal of -- open. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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