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Current Video:Eric Wyanlda talks American soccer|

FOX Soccer News chats with Eric Wynalda about the biggest stories in US Soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. I'm not a chat about the big American story lines ahead of this weekend so let's -- things -- Los Angeles for our man. Eric went on the standing by hallways on a Friday Eric plenty of talk about I wanna start things off for Stewart holding because you look at Bolton right now. He's healthy he's back in that -- for looking at him and and seeing whether he'll be in the mix of your includes this squad for the US men's national team. What do you think about his comeback and -- is that right now. This is I don't know what how many come back since then but I'm I'm thrilled to see that that he's fit again the big thing with. With Stewart has just been bad luck I mean and before that the last World Cup that was in the eyes of the young tackle and then. Of of course he had the feel ordeal of Manchester United but he needed to see him back in the mix. He's always had the talent and I think it's your -- as a wise man to bring him in the irony is is that he sat right next to me last time. And we had a gold cup we did that at analyzing of the games together and great to see him back on the field. Absolutely and now Eric going back to earlier this year. Robbie Rogers retired after mean Nancy is gay now he's come out of retirement he's been training with LA Galaxy. Seattle says they might want him bank Chicago Fire bone in his right. Where do you think he's gonna and that. What are some got to happen here and and I think it's AB's I think was February -- September 2 or fourth some more in there that's when that trade went down remember it was -- good girl that went to Columbus -- Duca. Went to Chicago and then there was -- tagged along on the deal. Was Robbie Rogers was a part of it. That is kind of scratching their heads saying why why why. As it turns out it it didn't it's a pretty good. -- I think as far as collateral goes if Chicago -- to get rid of them -- a trade his rights away. They can get some of the sport war is one of those situations where the rich get richer and LA Galaxy get better Robbie Rogers is so fantastic soccer player. I'm thrilled one that he's an elected did that come back out of retirement to play I think it's fantastic. Of course it's a story. But I'm I'm still more happy about the fact that he's a quality soccer player quality person. And I wanna see him play it again he's he's a great guy. Well have you heard how is he doing in training with LA Galaxy and if he is quality as easy as. Do you think is gonna have to get the call from Klinsmann. But they'll take some time I mean obviously -- -- and it's a you have to prove that their performance and I think he's capable of doing that it is time of the national team. I got to coach again. I think as part of Bob Jenkins grew back and uses to evaluate teams we could see that there's talent there he's had a couple of games with the national team. It it'll take good performances whatever team he lands let. To prove that he he belongs back on the national team but if he does it I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever to see him but I the national teams can get. Was -- -- good news every nights at 10 PM.

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