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Current Video:Reading, QPR relegated from Premier League|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at Reading and Queens Park Rangers relegation from the Premier League..


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. I huge weekend coming up in the championship -- hall holding a one point advantage on Watford for the final automatic promotion spot with just one match to go wherever comes out on -- celebrate joining Cardiff in the prime -- next season -- and QBR. Not celebrating their relegation fate were sealed last week Paul Bell versed on telling us how both teams plan on battling back. In the end it was authority disappointing game that ended -- and keep jas there already disappointing season it's a goalless draw up to the NCA defeats between them. While they record this season a very similar they're approaches to a vastly different. QBR started by transforming this squad signing twelve new play is. They so to pushing for a European place. But then broke a Premier League record but failing to win any of their first sixteen matches. I regret not replaced monkeys and they beat the European champions who pulled the plays arrived in January but the team is still seeing sports too often. And -- confirmed that were briefed on the scenes between the well paid and very well -- Monkey's might promise that we would be struggling again. Purchases were made. And for the first I mean look what contained defense was struggling image to compete possession I don't have very -- for. And that continued -- until March. -- have been raised acute PL's future often they spend so much money on those new players. But the -- hero wealthy and committed the chairman Tony Fernandez insists he and let me tell who was ranked the sixth richest person in the world. Audience 2011 I hit for the long term and they have ambitious plans for a new stadium and training grounds. -- have a billionaire -- themselves and and silencing Garrett that she's been criticized by fans for not spending enough in the transfer markets. He blames Brian McDermott felt that vote saying money was always available. But the the former manager -- too much loyalty to his existing players. It's to a certain extent he did yes I think that this two ways and yes he he did that and -- two cities and that's. The pitching wise as it's known you're you're an -- -- -- play as you course squads and Steve public at the same when we went up five years ago. But apart from that that's who says the fact that he didn't have any of options. He just go -- play as seen in the them in summer. And I -- really atrium area period before. Make an impact -- a place in the squad it and it took him awhile. So he didn't have any of -- chase them he was just being pragmatic and I knew that those cool guys went really good enough to emulate that is still the best he had. Earnings promotion twelve months ago was unexpected. That recruits but not outstanding championship team that recorded a remarkable run of results in the second half of the season. But in the Premier League it's twice went on seven game losing streaks and since replacing McDermott with -- McCain's. They've taken only two points from a possible fifth day. Now both clubs are preparing for life back in the championship with fans say wishing reading -- spend more on new prize this season. While keeping our fans wish that stuck with multiplies and won them promotion. Not a -- -- says he's already very confident that -- approach will be right next season. While Harry Redknapp was confirmed this week that he'll stay on -- QP. It's an eight bed -- eight to bounce straight back. Bowled well listen for fox soccer news. Was -- opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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