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Don't miss Monday's match between Sunderland and Stoke City.


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But that night's game -- Sunderland welcomes -- to the statement likely -- sides looking to cement that currently places. After that big six wanted me to -- -- relegation rivals hasn't had a product -- apologized to his team's fans send you do what ever it takes to stay top flight. Safety seems to be secure that that we take that attitude -- -- But the -- -- network run by them pulling an Edmonds that would bring against the guy but without reserve would almost guaranteed a black cats like it hasn't put up points. The office. Because there will be without -- -- -- for the remainder of the uptight and so record that I. The basis of that evolves we'll have to -- -- got it right of the -- a school since his January leagues won't take. That seems to be pretty bad fortunes around out of right in the northeast buoyed by back to back -- exit he got village. Johnny Adams scored the decisive noticed they squeezed past that it -- but it now leads the points on Monday could be enough to secure a second successive seasons that he. Last week's drive may have come with a cost this anti Wilkinson exactly to what frightful stopped -- -- we'll have like fitness tests performed.

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