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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Around 56 continues on Sunday with a messy side Dhabi and seventy make special trip -- -- that we talked about it a little. After three consecutive draws on the control received Luis Suarez biting incident. A six they'll crush you if Cassel in that last outing was the perfect remedy the president -- team. We don't suck today would take down to a eighteen points at the top six finish -- recent performances for dignity -- tool Anderson. Philly DC united and Daniels -- -- would have swept the reds -- -- -- next season. -- -- at full -- without Suarez that could welcome back -- instead of after about by injury. Haven't had bounced back from battle sic except that it -- played against them last time -- But after threatened to break beat the champions league places so -- it looks as though you record. What makes. Plus maybe Boise street beat by the lieutenant Darren Gibson from the thigh injury. Despite another study sees it. -- -- -- -- tricky capital remains a few of the boys. Which case you just do tragedy doubts and this could be this golf -- that's exciting topic. Sunday's action continues to do to crowned champions Manchester United against Chelsea. I think wraps up the type -- guys Justin -- scored ninety guys. Probably about Messi and company like get in the traditional Scottish border at the emirates on Sunday and not surprisingly he returning -- practice -- the headlines -- the best topic but I is that. Dispatched to points scored with players. You know I think I'm happy Chelsea's report points -- season's second 2005. But I haven't been eliminated from the FA cup but at least ceramics and -- to gain respect from his moments that rivals wrap myself and says. I knew that he just missed the last couple of weeks off injury that he could recession we had. Every game is crucial but Chelsea is thank bush for its awful finish. But convincing tko victory -- -- what -- -- on Sunday he's been backup to bed but if they still have told them I'm awfully nice if you. I'm very well find themselves back before -- time this -- so. But not much changed the game negates what -- after coming on midway through the best opportunity to Ramirez. What the Brazilian could think back hopeful that we expect it would be pretty jazzed with the selection headache for the game against champ.

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