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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Boom. Brown 36 in the Barclays Premier League season features a crucial game in the fight to avoid bad guys should get sick arrow right back Norwich city heights that's been -- that. How excited I only managed one victory in the last eight days I'm coming into the match up the back for the one failed to beat it that I stretches I've. Funny -- team will be sweating over the fitness at best choice to educate you I'm Michael today and answer back plus all. The last that was taken off like -- that game against the office with a recurrence of that he broke the -- I didn't set that was any precautionary. Plus Ted -- -- -- -- having to avoid injury and expecting different week. -- and looking at the back to back victories after -- -- that in sixth on the Monday night. Pulled out batsmen looked at scintillating -- -- I've -- -- striker Christian -- -- -- -- -- so if people achingly goals this season. Reckless and -- like you'll tap into that. We've -- to the last five games they've played against teams in the Boston -- That has picked up fifty points from a possible fifty something which could read besides if that is to be dropped. Injuries that consistently been a problem that I -- but this season but this got will be pleased to have Gary got an effective. We'll trading up to -- for the majority of the season with a knee ligament problem. Isn't that what you want international could be -- Saturday. Thought -- continued that push for champion's league football that I was Southampton side still leading the way to get better and I think it. Special needs to pick themselves up after dropping points of quick enough timeouts but don't trade minutes thus will be -- -- side at least salvaged patrol. Barrett Baylor but the scoring in that match John capped off -- buying season on Sunday night by winning -- PM by by -- and young player of the year awards -- -- Southampton man was also on the score sheet that last time the teams that. Q what victory back about. Maybe they would assess the fitness at least a band director for the game. The Belgian is struggling with a hamstring injury while Williams got masters in library instead of the sideline for the top strength. Sometimes -- at three games to bounce away and put teams around -- enough points that we came to see he'll say he is at least possible. Debris -- defeat to west brom last timeout with sports they've always been blonde. Dismissals but that big box and just don't Ramirez being dealt with the rest of the sites remaining three games itself today. There are no new injury concerns across very tip budget team ethnic shores again doubtful that straight sport -- could be available this selection. It would have been involved. It's another crunch time affecting the ball some of his favorite Cubs involved. Question Sunday -- it was strictly accounts the united. The promise of lost just once in six games back coming in that last out against Manchester City. I'm Pete Carroll scored a consolation in that day he's being paid to that upset -- -- -- support these last five matches. It also became too impressive -- but he's acting gently to. Plus some other guys will have to assess the fitness and James told -- before the game he's not been delivered a bit from a golf injury it's on top and spun. You capsule -- -- but just the rope tied. Baffled that they can six -- that's significant -- for perhaps six they'll fight it aborted but the parents forces. That's also coupled with that is great but the Buckeyes to the seventies that's what makes him. Kasten is looking for adventure -- seven -- that -- it's not an easy one you know in your best picture yet but we're having -- him. I'm watching what people -- different -- the big hit quality about about it -- -- with a back injury but the game will continue to see that that it served on. But I -- much we appreciate suspected. The phone call from my own our own okay. Saturday night kick off season already relegated queens park Rangers -- champions league texting or else they'll. Rangers I was getting better last week is that independence reading what Redick I think this. Control. Manager Harry Redknapp has convinced Dale's -- -- next season let's admit it will be a struggle to make an instant respect them tonight. That he would like to welcome back present draft but he missed the -- -- the Royals with a knee injury I just -- that is also remind her that. Hamstring problem. This a must regain the hospital as the pressure and and cities to build in the race in champ. A 10 -- -- every time -- package -- big red to separate games. The wolf got school yet kept his nineteenth of the season in the proficient. I expect to have that fresh injury concerns -- will be happy to avoid a repeat of the benefits that a little bit right last season. But what he -- well. There -- three -- games being played on Saturday. What about having already that it may be ready to craven cottage. Talk to host Manchester City. We can continue that survival bush at West Bromwich Albion.

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