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Current Video:Bayern Munich dominates Messi-less Barcelona|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Bayern Munich goes into the Camp Nou and comes away with another victory over Barcelona in their second leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. If you told Jim and officials back in 2001 out of rehashed a grand scheme of specialize you've developments that within twelve is we'll be seeing two German teams compete in the champions league final that probably say. Of course that's what we were faced with a -- if only Munich -- boss -- in this semi final second leg. So it -- boss a hard fall know down and maybe even -- -- bill without Leo Messi. He's on the bench he's injured he is not a happy one. Bids that come. My music in the twelfth minute pool a with a thoughtful on pit road they need great skating good look at the fact -- -- -- big guys. Saving tackle wonderful man soon enough at bats since Feinstein doubtful for the -- event he did again. And not a great tackle keeping this one school of walks and they go to school -- and won't. They've gone Boston's Pedro put this fits Manuel noise at six zip through the ball. And when witnessing something -- of the -- with the job in the books Tony Bartel in the -- He goes over the ball and goes on it was a handful but it's not given to a scoreless after 45 minutes second half points. Don't open the score. The think the same kind of a score that's exactly go back 3000 times just write him off. Did a giant it's at for it in the seven seconds bravery to -- guys. We'll close close close is not -- -- for -- and he's six -- -- of -- -- it -- -- the ball to -- six. Great race incident beautifully pulled Thomas Miller. You finished off rise to the back post. Why do they -- off the final. When -- dormant boxing. Seven middle of -- both legs incredible. Client of lost that fun for the third time in four years still it's been on since 2001. The last time Barcelona lost both went to Europe in the count mine wasn't up -- 87 against. Dundee united. -- -- There's a stat that bodes well for the civilians in the last five seasons either Boston -- the team to beat them hasn't won the champions league. At the stats don't -- and the wind unit that -- the final was not sure but demolition job. The knockout rounds they outscored their opponents fourteen break due until the school she wants and -- humvees and on the road and heading into the finals welcome to you might. 21 goals. Also the next goal -- final day and talked about how wins cubs' plan. Think we have to -- golf now exists. At this moment I mean we're playing some some great football in on and we have to enjoy it and just enjoy this moment -- -- -- -- be performing this thing you're playing against a team dominated Europe over the last five years. There's so much quality in this book well if you win formula three -- -- especially maybe this one away in their own stadium. I mean this is amazing now of course we are in the final in them this is the third time in in and in the last the four years. But it's time to winning now. But no world classic go -- it is a clash between two -- heavyweight. It is the four time European champions finally. And seven -- pollution -- goes in Wembley -- 45 and interestingly enough they face each other this weekend in the fourth. -- more on Wednesdays match you're the man they called it on fox soccer Gus Johnson and you right. Dominating performance five iron Munich as they win three -- here in Barcelona seven mil on aggregate. To advance to the champions league final word -- -- -- so the changing of the guard is taken place in European football with German. Seen her in the catbird seat absolutely and it looked really dominant. The first game guess what those two goals then a month. By and got what part fortunate to get a run today. Run me out of my -- -- and for me today. They didn't have no intensity they did -- know witnessed dogs do not know where they didn't have no creativity no no plan B and when you -- goes. You know you can go and you just play when he got real reason and Robinson as -- big break -- -- -- Martinez in the middle just shorten things up. I mean you've got a good place on the -- beat anybody in the world. So the -- Munich and facing Barcelona without Leo Messi and that proved to be. A very big gaps. You can see it goes when they got into the last. You know you've got to find any candidates who runs the floor in front there they just couldn't get those positive things that people know when -- playing. He's got to get in the passing or -- going pop somebody and get a quick 12. Anything don't always -- just going out laughing and everybody else I'll explain -- didn't have that. Didn't have that they didn't have no Whitman and keep going on about because I don't we just win but you needed. I -- to beat him today because they have we've. You know and then went to Barcelona didn't have and they didn't have big key men. This team need to -- that I would got a good team without -- that we. Well you pick is the manager of irons still in line for -- trouble he'll take on Dortmund in the champions league final at the -- he's already won the Bundesliga and he still has an opportunity to win the German cup. So a great season in his final season in Munich for Ian Wright and Gus Johnson -- so long from Parcells. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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