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Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez refuses to speak about Jose Mourinho return.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jose Mourinho is -- -- Right back into focus again as Israel Madrid side went on to the champions league is full look up Chelsea -- preparing for European semifinal of the run. If he's Basel Smart nights in the second leg of that -- time. Left on the -- and -- on the grade second evenings he landing just had from Rafa Benitez ahead of the gang bit. Could -- -- Jose -- overtime distract them. Well Rafa Benitez is -- Doing its level best testing to ensure that it wasn't a distraction sending in today's press conference. You don't get the impression that will be a distraction within the dressing room or -- the training ground for Chelsea. But they would send me a number of questions here at Stamford Bridge in the Harris week just about an hour or so ago. To Rafa Benitez about. The latest developments in the managerial saga that continues to -- will hit Jose Mourinho saying what he said last night that there are clubs that love him particularly one inning and we'll know that even Chelsea of course. -- -- a story about whether or not he returns for second spot in judge. Rumbles on he was just about it today -- -- one question focused on the fan it was a must have going against an unwritten rule in management that you don't talk about somebody else is managerial job particularly when there in that job still there's still a man in that job and it particularly again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming up -- 24 I was also have plenty spoken about these the best of it as a -- played us straight back it's. It's one that's sick usually my ways and concentrate on the then again that's if. Things are happening away from the the pitch we got in the club that have to search for new manager the funds are aware of things that -- and medium size he wants to come back. I want to concentrate on the game tomorrow things quickly put. Rafter the general thinking seems to be that Jose Molina leaves room -- To sum up if he doesn't there's a vacancy which you like to be considered for return fuel and succeed and to take that job. And make you go that as a winner of the European trophy this season. Plus you know the way and gives you an answer these not my business. Visually I don't say to you that the have to concentrate on my -- is an -- to be buses tomorrow it is possible. That's how does that fit a certain degree of sympathy for a thought. And it was done a pretty decent job it looks as though he he is getting closer to a securing. Champions -- both the next season and of course -- this European semi final advantage at half time in the tie 21 against -- it is up to the best thing of course they could be. And their second consecutive European finally doing a great job and all the talk about Jose Mourinho managed. Not even hear what Massa set alongside him is compatriots from Spain set alongside ref but he says today. At -- just pretty much press conference obviously he was just about -- aiming about what my colleagues as well as was his response. Well I think he's not. Our business so this is clear he's different now I have to be honest. And now we have so many important things seem to come. Weeks or overseeing into about I mean. We just have to be focused about who we -- praying for golf which is a very important suffered -- draft. And reduced to be senators team that leads to try to pitch embassy tendencies and that's so what's -- -- can take things. Andy ignoring your dolls or send Chelsea won on the Toms -- if -- can being reunited with frank -- times. Well if you -- -- independents and -- casting than it would suggest that the chances would be increased a little bit of Franklin putts staying beyond the end of his current contract which ends this year. The sources close to the player of told us today. Today has not yet been a fresh off a someone as reported in the independent today this Sosa is telling him. That actually Chelsea will change their mind to fully exempt and offer him. An extension to his current contract be steady for the moment turning 35 saint. After that report would suggest that you get another one year deal here at Stamford bridge and -- on around about the same kind of money. Think he's currently on right now -- Chelsea but that's yet to be confirmed that we don't expect any kind of announcement. From the club until the end of the season on that with so many big games coming up they don't want it to be a distraction. What frank does what the day aside from all of that is of course break and he just he -- That will be -- just have to Chelsea goals. Patrick -- 201 after his goal. At the weekends and it was us today off Rafa Benitez would it be extra special for Franklin thought he was equal -- -- recorded 202 goals. Big European night here. At Stamford Bridge. I -- everybody here. Apart from that muscle console journalist. Will there be delighted -- trying to score two Eagles and beat -- -- -- -- -- I think it's important for us to keep the scoring goes and as you put them potential. We'll try to two out in the way that we can and hopefully complete. Finally and any -- news ahead of tomorrow's game with Basel. With a -- players on yellow cards testing the reference noticed today that he's not going to -- his team selection. We'll try to avoid suspensions for the final because of course they haven't qualified for it yet so he's gonna pick. Strongest possible team for this game against Basel as we sit just protecting a two run lead after -- Ruiz is late free kick secure -- that first leg victory. Ashley -- is suspended certain excitement that for the coming at left back to cover for him as has been the case of various -- times. The season's -- picks the strong decided hopes to qualify. For another European final but he does have to be -- his puzzles I have to go full of scoring goals. Dictating that it's put a couple against Tomlinson put a couple of -- -- Manchester United in the champions league as well three dollars and they can out of that they school such. They did have a bit of full. And it's it's going to be difficult night just defensively I think they can let it progress to another big European nights.

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