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Current Video:Rodgers on future plans|

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers sheds light on how he wants to strengthen his squad in the summer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The reds hammered New Castle six and nail on Saturday and they did it without the services of Luis Suarez but putting Liverpool within five points of sixth place Everton. And the two teams will meet a huge match up this weekend Paul Gilmore has more. Brendan Rodgers was in his native NORTHERN IRELAND along with -- starting to help launch the -- help one of Europe's premier youth football tournaments he was all smiles on why not. Liverpool's performance in the emphatic when did you counsel received widespread praise. A solid platform to build on for next season. Okay. Strengthen what we need to improve but received from -- loss when middle of January as we do our business the only thing kind of fun too is based on the players. Continues. To hope to do and I'm a whole pluralism and put some. -- -- -- I'll make me happy with the group going forward. So that's a quality concerned it is -- yeah. I'm going to strengthen -- coming out of retirement isn't going to show mr. from the opposition that. But also we can get -- -- I don't we will score on ovals this year it's -- supposedly could still believe that we know. -- -- Leave Manchester United and Chelsea have scored more Premier League goals than Liverpool this season. -- while his found golfers done and still reach the chance to prove -- on his impressive return of seven goals in eleven league appearances. I think we've done over there it's just the opportunity. But those goofy kids that can expect us. I see on the -- he's had some real top level performances and I appreciate your customers and Georgetown that each piece of ours are two -- Obviously look at coach. And I believe that the complete games consistently over the next three years you demonstrated that he can you can turn and you want you totally. Rodgers will experience his first -- field mercy site talking on Sunday. Victory would mean Liverpool could Jets finished above their rivals. We're objective is to get nine point three games yeah. And if you only really focus on the next game. And I looked to in the next few crucial world. Tour -- to give me confidence that behind you you know when you when you wanna awaken in the Premier League. And always gives you goose -- two -- and -- it was an easy but it still work. Excellent book -- good weeks tremendously. Focus and concentration and functional it's. Different you know what that means. And we know what it -- feel symptoms of looking to progress on you know three ponson. As it will be -- didn't come close to to get through -- Rodgers adding more depth and quality to the school -- the summer will ensure it won't be long before they're lifting program once more. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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