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The FOX Soccer Match Day crew go into depth about Borussia Dortmund, as they were able to hold off Real Madrid last minute comeback, to secure a spot to Wembley.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was a difficult task coming into the day -- -- Madrid in India and they're out in the semi final stage for the third straight seasons Borussia Dortmund moving on to their second. Champion's league final on the day. The big picture. Why was Bruce dormant the better team in this year's -- well I think yes go back to the firstly there are just incredible. We're here and there it would take the chances he had a clear there was just on complete form. But today it showed a little bit different today that you know they -- put up against -- they've with stood the first twenty minutes were quite honestly Real Madrid -- to have three Eagles. I'm then it would have been real trouble but for the most part they stuck together. They are able to do with the things correctly second half they could have a few goals themselves and firm that little bit of experience there at the end of trying to kill off the game may be. They need to work on that but all in all it was a great team performance. They've had to make -- of a major adjustment with this you know got to go and our games so early so they had done that's more to me. More tests that we did seem to. Think the switch on the twilight fans still figured out but it was not -- -- state again they had several opportunities and -- -- goalie we didn't have his best today. Maybe somebody else dives out of the way but fighting -- stay strong on this one and Ronaldo just tried to keep an on going into it than the one spot for the good save -- just. Been impacted we -- for Madrid where what's your take on and although I -- very choir. For the guy and just drifted by him he didn't really I think I'm other stuff and commit to get a hold of the guy. And that's something that's important to him before what's the big occasion he seems to -- -- in the final dimensional exercise. I think he'll be worried Marino couldn't stop -- -- the end of them damages in your Casilla said. Assess your premise of having had this and that when you look at -- when I was two legs. Every single one -- the goalkeeper. To Straka like to their Max. And I think that was a different you look at him any less of amen to that of that is the first thing to -- that I look at this woman now listen to drifted out of it. The goalkeeper was excellent the night the senate for Woody was excellent loss went to the went on the couch for me is one that is a breath of fresh -- could you know I -- it. He enjoys being in and a special situation and he enjoys being when the place that -- big smile at the end that was like okay this please get his game. Okay let's let that I'm about ready to loose this class along with the fun part is class. Last time -- -- was in the final of the champions league 1997. One at all who may be facing in. London may 25. We'll find out. And once.

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