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Check out FOX Soccer's Gus Johnson and Ian Wright as they analyze Wednesday's UEFA Champions League second leg match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow's semi final matches I'm going to have. Iron in advance -- -- send it out to Barcelona. They're right in Augusta it's. I think you very much rob will be one of the big questions is the health of Barcelona star Leo Messi he's got a hamstring injury that he suffered. In the quarterfinals against PSG how important -- For him if he's not a 100% to at least come out and pretend like he's under -- But I don't think -- can pretend when you got a hamstring I'm laughing Q as an adverse effect on these teammates and my season right. Hopefully he's right he's exemption will be strong enough is gonna need to beat -- because knuckle saves in game they've got the team almost impossible. We've got booted balls when they gonna need to us off a 60% since you're gonna need a message. Well let's hope that. Leo Messi 58 goals this season for bar so it is healthy now let's go back to Los Angeles and robs them.

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