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Current Video:Redknapp talks about his future at QPR|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at QPR manager Harry Redknapp's future.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss that you didn't watch fox soccer news last night fine Harry Redknapp may not have been able to save QBR from relegation but that doesn't mean he's ditching the club when they -- league championship next season. Redknapp sign -- two and a half here DL with Q you are last November and followed through on it. Opting to stress you know meaning Spain he's been solid -- book that he ended Davey will be good enough we will be good enough with the -- so you've got to. You know I could to school days or whatever if we will be good enough we would show that we would show in certain areas to build this -- -- We will we will we we need more information about until guest will be Joseph Toledo said the team was it was. Unfortunately it was a it was. We will be distribution watch film and political opinion we -- you feel we deserve. We'll -- among the players because it how many of them want sister around and you single won't sit. Chip in and redo that Pitt next season's get back the cup -- formulate. Well you voice though several -- a good enough to go move on because include plaza new big Cubs -- tagged him. If we have a prize that you wanna get rid of you a typical shift because people don't want them to seven I'm very well. That's football was the same every club every -- best situations -- Went -- different you know we. What positive we're looking forward to nets you know -- to build a team in this summit that can give us a chance to get promoted next year. And be a big challenge but it will be an exciting Jennings -- -- I'm looking forward to. QB our chairman Tony Fernandez issued a statement regarding Harry Redknapp future and the club going more more. He's that I have had a positive meeting -- Mary I don't think there was any point where he was thinking I have not being with that and continuing this project is embarked upon with. A third of the season through. -- it would not be forced to sell any players he wants to keep it was a good eating because we are all very here on the timeline. We're very clear on what to do. It was probably the low point for me when I saw the reaction of some of the players it's an alien concept to me that someone. Take someone's salary doesn't go 100% and things -- hope we lost new big DL what club are we going to. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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