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  2. Manchester United's2:01
  3. football outside1:38
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  5. Manchester City2:09
  6. Golden State0:49
  7. Chelsea2:12
  8. Arsenal2:13
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Check out everything you missed from Monday's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Braun that's five things that closed with Aston Villa smashing fellow struggle as some good dumb -- that night. Ultra quiet openings popped -- -- trying to -- -- that does get -- well blah latch onto and it's -- to fire and I look at it but the hosted Browns. But that we've lost in less than two minutes is a wonderful some of the players would stop it. I'm finished by -- Rose to make it one. On the -- by surrendering their advantage that I've struck back on -- like that -- -- run to spell. -- close -- where he calls it out undressed by them. -- don't think seven for the season to rest Golden State. After the break -- of the site run riot every out are vulnerable deflected effort was too hot to handle this -- -- and -- and -- get that day was on. -- -- It was full moments like -- but the big Belgian headed in from a cold up. Then some kind of tossed went from typical -- -- possible. -- -- incessantly on this rash challenge on it -- about sellout resulted in a straight red card appropriately -- I'm within two minutes that I have added up the 5% alcohol by intent had lately is Patrick and think he's -- to -- -- -- a team. There was still time for six then I'd go about my ball striking -- -- holed in sixty -- Power to move makes the club's top scorer in the brilliantly. It put -- -- a classic winning football outside -- moved -- sixteen. Five point glance at that relegation so. The ground 35 results -- -- the significant impact on the ultimate call for the title as relegation for reading and you feel was. -- occupied they were abiding place in the drop zone that have a game in hand elbows above them none of them as I point yet. That's what the Manchester United's he hurt really crowned with them. Last week and so is the Russell likes to free and all the thank president Manchester City that -- on the second. Chelsea Arsenal occupy him -- fighting champions league -- -- -- and a bottle mounted and tension. Like just three points below the dominant again.

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