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Current Video:Premier League Weekend Review|

Check out all of the action from this Weekend's Premier League fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Well that's 5 o'clock placed regulate itself and he had he had stadium Whitney -- champions Manchester City defeated west have. Host we're in front just -- pop foul inside joke where are applied the finish to what line those. Sixty squandered plenty of Johnson's before eventually doubling their lead seven minutes from time with a stunning strike the guy out there right to make Tisdale. Despite being second best for the most part west had it at least kinda like consolation what -- foul shots what I would like to -- -- let -- Tonight I'm as -- it finished -- well. And it's -- 99 -- in the hopes of champions league qualification with victory out of both of them. One goal was an off they -- free points as Seamus Coleman pulled across practice even paid off the net that went. Westbrook playing that -- within five games well and they didn't self confidence that's the Big Ten seven. Bob and uncle she vacate the -- to see that it played when he just -- managed to bundled the ball over the line. And sports on provider and -- -- that went fourteen to face -- relates to what -- helicopter and a Belgium notched its bolted for the campaign with the minimum. Plus. Then the contest boiled over in the south coast sunshine at the time between Augusto Ramirez and shining moment and you put your blind elbow in the -- -- strike up. That was followed by. Great strength by both sets of players which included what she is that pushing until Rivera's place. Referee -- that -- the body's Premier League that you given that it's a lot shouldn't but to -- both worked there as I'm -- unite all. Not walk off that the visitors to the free email elated when the excellent kickoff -- played in long. He finished in style to wrap up the points. That was the end of the story but not the end of the drama as I but it took time off season laden jokes even read. Resulted in -- second wrecked car for the -- stand -- as. -- happen to a local guy and outside. Started all but guarantee top flight survival with a narrow victory that I was -- at Norwich. The only go to the bank and in typical were -- fashion. It was finished like Charlie out of his best in fifty games what do they walk through today. Brenda had the big W stadium so we can and told them -- to at least a comical OK it's bad delayed. Michelle well let them and I don't think there will have played themselves into trouble with the -- to speak with -- it's eventually going in that we'll look at our -- But we -- what level almost immediately and the -- how would hold my head up to McDonald's. A moments after the interval was struggling -- swim team from the caliber out of a base hit comments Buffalo left -- Not look like sailing very precious points until the final minute when top floor chasing taught them salvaged a point to -- it. As Tom -- that streak it was ten and we've done that. But voiced relief for the visit says this is -- -- that -- tells me that much good. Something nice like gain sole -- struggling you can also the six B no not arrived off to just three minutes is done -- -- at night at the -- offside trap tiller and head up. And you also calm though but again just possible around as the TV show and Daniels -- combined the two young children had to some friends happen. The home sides Lindsay back line was breached again in the second half and just looking out -- storage to make free. I'm moments -- to the team's defense went missing woman small to allow him to sit all the time in the world to sweat a storage than it is -- good. And -- -- After a long spell on the sidelines I feel great he was brought on in the closing stages of its. And it registered his first league goal for the reds to make it five -- it. By that stage most subjected -- fight for that headed for the exit. -- that -- gift at first you would soon be joining them that the Frenchman reckless challenge on fourteen you know I'd have a second yellow caught and subsequently red. You can also looked like a bottle -- minutes with ten men. And that gave -- a full time to chalk -- number six as Anderson's free kick found the bottom on a magnificent shape for the nasty side as but it. Desperate -- -- apologies men who have not yet so -- From relegation. Around 95 continued on Sunday with a bottle but the -- of there. As reading -- -- -- a hall Dave Roberts summed up outside seasons of his -- -- things went a step backward -- -- The top of -- well while -- best opportunity fell short Morrison he's had with it's over by ball great so goalless if that is a result. I'm relegation but both of them watched some of the other aspects of forces. Chelsea maintained that coach -- champions league qualification with victory -- -- But I have to wait until the fourteenth bad but it could make the brakes where is John Terry. We're like line to set up also got to open the store. -- agree vital points were not from the penalty spot of the bill Britton with him now -- -- -- up. I'll step up on this past this update picking him to -- -- -- two goals of breaking the club story cripple -- but it wouldn't lights and it's awful. Sunday's final game with the emirates stadium went on hostile aborted -- crowned champ. I'm just you know I -- got up on up and applauding them that's it's best for ten weeks old club. Of all the visits as the fourth celebrate best seasons left that was plenty. Still play ball and -- -- a place in the wolf I think that the ball -- back to stop it for sixty lady of the Oval Office goal off. -- and I feel good. But you get the job to get my golf level is. I think he ends -- at the Johnson. Style which she took. Where the scoring and it won all the finals goal and a possible fifth hole. -- that -- five came to a close we asked them that I smashing fellow struggle as some good golf Monday night. After a quiet opening half now that games weren't alive when Dallas -- around long last onto lives bolt of firing Rockets but the hopes -- Browns. But then -- lost -- less than two minutes is a wonderful Sunderland group was on it. Finished by -- goes to thank you wanna. On that by surrendering a marathon it's been a strong back moments like that it happened wrapped expelled. That's not loads it right he lost. Now I'm impressed by them. -- -- heats up for the season -- -- stole the next day. Off to the right of upside Brad Bryant that we go out all the holes deflected -- -- it was too -- to. Handles the scene of the bag and -- different -- it was up to make free walk. It was pulled out of its lights up at the big Belgian headed for the corner. At some -- -- went from typical -- possible. -- -- -- -- -- rash challenge you to best seller resulted in addition right read on them every program. I'm within two minutes that I had batted number five -- -- -- -- all of my game and -- guy to completely accurate and make it tight and campaign. There was still time precedent that a goal out of my mom -- -- problem all through sixty. That's the power to prove it to the club's top score in the formulate. It -- -- -- a classic win the whole lap outside -- not to 65. Points clear of the relegation so. The ground 35 results have played a significant impact on the -- of golf for the title as relegation for reading and you can almost. We can occupy the remaining places that -- -- have a guy didn't have -- -- to bump them none of this site quite yet. At the top of Manchester United's best team we're really proud of them lost weight so -- up until the places to brief and -- thank president. Not just the city and a -- on the second. Chelsea and Arsenal occupy -- abiding champions league places. But it's on the bop around the contingent might just in points below the Gomez -- -- game.

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