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Current Video:Recap: Reading, QPR relegated after scoreless draw|

Find out on FOX Soccer News as Reading and Queens Park Rangers sealed their fate as the couldn't not beat the drop.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Running in QB are there well aware of the predicament there aren't we should know this because not -- and Harry Redknapp have said so every week. If you look at how they've played recently actually pretty fair to think otherwise -- have taken one point from the last nine criminally games. The visitors on Sunday at taken one point from the last five. Thought threatened you -- are meeting all three points to avoid relegation what's wrong means both teams go down. Perry feels like you've already lost some of the conference twelve minute you can operate tickets have been Romero could set off across. Fortieth minute. You've gone at it again they've outscored six the keeper but the ball. I'd just like this season it in the rough with the -- million goals in the -- -- thirtieth minute scramble in the box. Bob Greene makes you -- the stock -- -- weather clears another chance off the line that's what the pick him up charm and that you do things like that. Scoreless it was a -- top 61 minute Papelbon -- -- a great opportunity but he throws a strike on the target as well it. I'm -- kids in disbelief. He was back out of -- training I've got a job. Eightieth minute inning got three crosses on drugs can find the goal is better. -- -- -- in the from both sides work 87 minute let him another chance on the corner kick jump horses header but robbery. It's -- good over the ball. This stuff -- was. The most like McCarthy makes a stop in the he comes up with a rebound and make sure. Nothing goes wrong when you keep -- job both confirmed that spot in the championship next season. He scored withdrawn from. -- now so they're both playing league championship football next year despite keeping off -- -- whenever he took over and scored just nineteen goals and 21. Matches he's been charged both managers will fall in the match about playing next season in attendance. -- treated instead to listening in and so. Actually try to get wind today that was -- The Boston -- it -- on the cause message last week -- little and the lessons quickly from the season. So that we don't. And in a position to be equipped so that. What we can get ourselves -- can Premier League -- you give ourselves an opportunity. To you know finish tied -- we have to listen you said -- you determined to try and help keep me on getting back what do you see -- would experience here and I was going to be the biggest challenge. Well they'll obviously need to see it be a big challenge because there's some of these gossip those who could take you can match chief Cubs he's not like suddenly Q piazza. Club they've been in the premier has fallen into a gem -- and it's just it's not to worry about it Austin award -- fuel man and you -- a guy named. Did its teams in the championship that it you know they'll -- 915 of them don't be comfortable being in a premiere before so. We just one of them we go down we could've put -- best this year. To try to get up and it would have to work very very very hard in the summer entrance pre season. And certainly during that season to try to achieve that it's it's supposed to that's it's a real good challenge but soon as possible but I'm going to be easy. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.