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Current Video:Recap: Arsenal, Man United draw at Emirates|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Manchester United earns a point against Arsenal as Robin van Persie's return to the Emirates.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night Robin event Percy return to the emirates on Sunday. And then there was a match after that as well believe -- As if the emotional return for the former captain wasn't enough to handle the gunners they're desperate for points in that chase to finish in the top four but they face the realization. They have lost six of their last seven against the newly crowned champions. Obviously though yes. Gordon each of the last three appearances -- Arsenal have played Manchester United and just like old days he heads straight to the -- dressing rooms but ultimately he realizes. State -- the cameras -- know that he knew the kid what were they. Prior to the match at wells talked about leading up to -- gunners pulled guard of honor for the league champions. Boos could be heard loud and clear from the stands second minute that's not our VP. He turned over the ball. Today it's tough for sixteen -- sit through but feel welcome and open the scoring that's what makes a 100000 pounds a week. It's one of for the gunners -- minute united look. Phil Jones -- the path of adversity but it's gotta stop start. Eighteenth minute -- -- peace process to -- zones that's that you want out of the box and across the board. Designers as to why the nets point seven minute. RBP it is to win player of course probably miss his timing. Good show slides in behind them inside your fix up the other car was reckless challenge. Will be coolest rookies just -- that. Thirty ninth minute it's not ego and work on the swings and across them -- It's the one gets ahead and it was denied by the face of what Texas. Whatever it takes that's powerful people that I never. 42 minute back in the second serves up few blocks. And fast is what the penalty. -- jobs and obviously the spot he's been in the penalty duties. Without remove themselves pointed from. It's given -- Looks to put united fronts but -- And blocks his attempt on goal but. The set points and ends in a 11 draw and. Australia. A lot of adversity scored seventeen goals. In his last seventeen from the league appearances Arsenal yet it was a from a game this season when taking relief won eighteen of those games. While the funny for a top four place afterwards or out Ferguson spoke about sharing the spoils are some better talked about RBP's amateurs are. But I you know I respect a tough game having a tough game in organizers say it out so afraid to be -- -- -- -- Respected you challenge to us but things can -- -- is. When -- lots and definitely want to retire as in the first off I think we wouldn't take on the way. Goes on to bigger threat. But I saw particularly if the fight to house so go into the game today there what's assault self. And credit to him do -- tools but I wanted a bit of -- and good reception total Robinson doesn't what did you Michael but he did get. He did did what you know. For of course and I think it's more -- -- disappointing -- But you go to when you come back. And we didn't. A good progression you know I believe but. -- -- and you know. Call me to do on offense. And -- -- or. I think it'd it was a day where you -- to do it by don't defend this game -- commitment this way and so it was a very intense game. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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