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Current Video:Chelsea v Swansea City Premier League Highlights 04/28/13|

Chelsea is still in the hunt for a Champions League berth. Would the Blues be able to make the most of Tottenham's slip-up at Wigan?


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Just ridiculous ones and it's on the bridge to the outside looking to improve their chances and it's awful finished. So we'll examine when -- last five Ivy League games. The sides are once again I've been crippled me ten minutes of -- silly fun a couple of minutes to make that dominance counts in the first off Franklin but off the bench. Will be in June it's Ramirez. And today -- different certainly. And finance it which routes -- and around his throws by -- -- Well I'm not how to say -- also in the opening go to skimming before half time. Brought in game three for all star for his eleventh goal of the season in all competitions. He stood in the Premier League and Chelsea deservedly taken note needs. It devastating finish from the Brazilian. Just -- what -- ten penalties coming into the weekends. With and and you're that size in the prime real -- among Latin Barrett making -- eleventh of the season off the one that's it was felt mightily impressive rather clumsily. -- back racquets down for British for the first time since his altercation which other predict that after the defeat to Manchester United it was a -- penalty. I'm mom -- stepping up empty spots and for his fifteenth of the season. Now one behind Bobby time league's all time scoring record which 201 goals. Islands on his forwards -- -- -- interference for Chelsea. So once you offered very little buying -- has injected a quiet day for the Chelsea to back. Polite -- the other end denying depth but our agency to regulate. But in the starting lineup off. Ahead of Fernando Torres. He's a fine save from each of -- -- -- get this yet to see Joseph keepers. Efficiency we denied once again. The three points were well and truly secure gonna find birthday present for one not that despite not getting on the score -- Distracted presented wide but able to activities temperate -- Eagles season just to go three points ahead of space in the race for the champions league. Its sixth straight game without a win in the primarily for Swansea ten no jealousy at full time.

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