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Catch all the action from the Britannia Stadium as the Potters play host to the Canaries.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

State city and we survived an instinctive. We'll evaluate him maybe. Safety but it having been sensible with victories against -- -- a -- Respectively in the last weekend but it's -- set no breaks in particular. The makes it very few opportunities Randy Johnson scored the winning goal would be such an idiot -- the season. Incidents that -- in the -- is that as -- as it thoughtful things -- sight I gave the cross well. If this week but wait sweepstakes. And -- said it. Tonight Sosa struggled the goals this season himself. At twenty Betsy they said that dropped. On the goal -- -- as a teammate Stephen solvency. The gang took awhile to -- yelling but it -- look at tonight Eddie in the second maybe it less than a minute gone. In the second half. -- Wolfowitz was. Think so nice to crowds in the nice inside the area it's not added to school -- this filled in his last at fifty panties. It's that thing -- field this season that he -- let this well they contended today to provide particularly. It's added it's not -- you know not done the -- -- until. Stakes and it eighteenth victory since Quincy that's it hits -- games it's not -- teams and Eddie. Could it make you can't say makes all. The proceeds -- area crowd at -- He's the fastest. Time he's gonna take its looking good it means he. Most kids. In the schools lights since it had a great way to build on defense so you could literally T Nate. Stick it to she -- -- second goal late hit against it influences so definitely sad to say I'm not a fan. It sounds good but it's not hit. It's kind of mountains up anyway but a vital victory the tiny community cited state beat the Hornets in the tape not.

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