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How would Everton respond to last week's defeat to Fulham? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fulham -- -- run -- they -- can -- it continued on sent today. -- that you get 1975. In the FA cup -- and controlled the game and at the first real opportunity to -- minutes that Ireland belated but definitely able. Heading straight but much -- Coaching changes that -- sent the check yet to back from an ankle injury keeps DL and pitch in because Darren gets it. Justin in just blatantly -- this -- -- told finding its feet teed off. Wilson also bodes well struggled to he would ever since movement throughout the -- They were without Steve sequel to suspension to just have repeated statements that it feels. But the -- spent more time defending the going forward. -- -- best opportunity coming here at the -- you since firing wide after good work with Alex catching it to an extent an offense night. Chances would get a preview. Of the London side here. -- to -- just could not find a second -- which would kill the game off. They came close. Kevin paralysis drunk and -- dealt with well leveled Schwartz. And the Belgians who delighted Anderson's best opportunities here. Around us and stand up to -- with two outs. The lady with the other thing is the final flight minutes approached Leighton Baines cross. Just the slightest of touches. -- and to storm into the ground and over the ball. So additives -- -- -- your team full well that season survived. But it just one point from the last -- that it's the -- final story go to some talk and it's a wall full of him.

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