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Current Video:Wigan v Tottenham Premier League Highlights 04/27/13|

Both sides are in need of points in this Premier League clash. Who would come out on top?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got that they've been this talk about most of the DW stadium. This is the top of the season where we introduced the get go like that annual putts against the drop but they did you fell behind a field here. Straight -- shots a little sit back in the starting lineup with those. With the free kick drill bit which nearly school children open as an -- that could have closed that -- work. Yeah at least you have a -- He's close of course not to witness gave two very different reasons -- fight for the champion's league football and they would -- to the FB no it's not the first ten minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The back. It did was deflected by Dallas failed. Those great continues its tenth hole as many appearances. The most wanted about Celek duplicate -- responded inside two minutes but it forty -- seconds to be precise. Nobody's -- them that. -- -- It's a voice quickness look backwards so. What they say it was pretty level headed for the rest of the first half. Bulls where the break the -- early in the second half and the you know. -- -- -- The -- tonight we had to. The penalty itself -- The league. -- good defensive team hasn't said but. Could go to school to lose but that's how it stayed until inside the the lines of the free kick from about instant. Into the penalty handed down okay it was a bold. Pitching tonight painful and with the boys the name of the person for the unfortunate but gold at the ligament in the bankruptcy case. That set up a frantic last five minutes of the -- not decide to -- the winner that they needed to finish wicket suits off of two of the DW.

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