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Would Manchester City be able to make up for last weekend's defeat to Spurs? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Manchester City community grounded in -- linked -- some time. People Manchester United took it -- them on Monday night. But CT since neat to finish the -- in stone while and they dominated from the woods -- against west -- -- it Silva back in the sunlight off for a hamstring injury putting and -- half Johnson wanted the opera. West and slightly dictated airlines following a corner and Silva wasn't to borrow -- line. And the Spain international was involved in everything the city in the first half. Breaking open and psyches -- half before releasing so we feel that way around. West -- -- -- fortunate up to the pool tank backed off the -- We're looking for -- of -- happens when you they don't -- the season. And soon it would've gone for it. Sandy and now it's three. Thinking brilliantly with -- people Rangel won't sit down the left hand side he coasted to the near post. And it where have tucked away six stayed at this saves me the whole competition. -- and did manage to get a top donate but he couldn't take it out. West temple -- much better in the second half. But what turned out to be that she had to dole painted and yelling yolks all right I mean it's -- -- It was outside of the DC for a flight from floor right. Deep look out -- between us we have known that but this goal was all that now -- only got sore right. It was -- gold in all competitions this season. Sixty now cemented their position in second spot to defend you made. The west -- did get it don't -- on an -- the towel. He had been threatening throughout and acts but this -- -- so there'd be certain. He didn't know help the Boldin for the wrong writes -- just beat him -- looks all right and drove it underneath Joseph on final stole 62. West -- want.

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