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Without talisman Luis Suarez, would Liverpool be able to fend off struggling Newcastle?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A disaster is staying. Will be testing united. -- -- the Premier League table six is the best for the players to change his thought they took the lead -- inning as stiffness minutes continues to live. Doing it and I Daniel Hackett was the -- this season. Wonderful stuff political. Just could see minutes late -- Mickelson cutesy humid hysteria team picked tenth children had to sit. Soon found and it's against that and sit contested slots in the pool incident at the end -- in the little injury glance. Pizza to the second they -- that they Gillick Yankee team -- moved. This very trendy -- sent spirits. And -- the -- -- looked out the brilliance that conceding anything to drink finished the Houston and it's. Little -- themselves of poor -- the Allah to picking up had to -- and Finland's they're excellent school. Soon to finish. It depends arrival could Chelsea. Simple tell the story it's simple go political. -- -- We've been down a mistake in sending picking up -- -- -- -- very neat thing is this -- unique no political. Good injury ravaged season there eating dinner on the field to sixty seconds. Some sleep right treatment for the -- Sally. Children and -- it can be second goal of the game. Vince likes it and concede dismissed -- second book will offensive Henderson's free -- and swing all the way through into the pocket and it. They -- they they -- a great day political disaster that you Cassel. Canceled -- Liverpool six.

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