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Current Video:How will Arsenal fans react to Van Persie's return?|

FOX Soccer News previews Manchester United forward Robin van Persie's return to Arsenal this Sunday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. -- -- It's really continues his remarkable -- doing -- Lifted up the fact. Minutes ago. They put us back ahead. Okay. There's no more games. What does he want. -- -- -- -- Lot of our AMR's some anger is asking Arsenal fan so at least expect their former player Robin van Percy. When he stepped on to the pitch and -- on Sunday. That's an Arsenal while all of a guard of honor tradition and that apparently it's a great thing to do you. Even if some fans hold a -- real solid and has more. He left Arsenal in the seats it will Silva went. And drove it about Tennessee that decisions Tedy is back on the -- his last summer certainly taped off. Scoring a hat trick on Monday to lift the techniques like sort of matches to you know it takes. The dutchman returns also the first point on Sunday at the champions has to be at reds and -- -- their reasons -- any ill feeling towards the full would strike yet. That's according to -- your quotes and North London in the first place. You respect to open on -- you Doug Gabriel to pay you his gift to us and combat could came back to be a blitz and to I would say anything different. I can no need to reiterate that I want to play it to be respected. And Kevin budgets and always said that for every single player. Who missed even it's almost been mean and much more contour of the season. Then no will be known for us. But does he spend seven is trying to help also went about it but it still glad that stretches front they have -- cup triumph in 2005. And -- known as once again this season -- the style strike it's hard to concentrate credentials. Luka I I don't go into. That. Game thinking about. What is you never doom in you know -- -- forward. -- so many great players have left his job that you would be could be food from great to know when you make a decision you know discussions and minuses. But what is -- -- for no -- the future of a couple of different team. I told you look at two. Las -- confirms that his son Wilson each of the 290s I'm from Tennessee but station and got a bonus before kick off. With Villanova -- in his -- at the same level of respect on the terraces remains to be sick. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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