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Managers around the premier league react to Luis Suarez ban.


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I think what has gone completely against whoever is. He's. His history. But these. Very heavy. In. On defensive front and that's why he has been -- facility that's the only explanation I can find. I've seen coming months you know C politicians having opinions -- you could see him there where he was in -- -- he was getting hammered for sure they -- that. In that too much. If it was the first time incident you -- First time. And but it's not it's happened in Holland has been the case here. So stranger. Does today can be two matches -- like oh feeds the I don't know I don't know I can't judge him but he -- is that the was something something I'm used also for me most of apology -- employees just some plant. And hopefully. We can learn a lesson down these will be lost to army does sound so stupid as it. I just hope that that. He learned from his mistakes because otherwise it's into this will not be the last time we talking about him in in the in cases like this and and I repeat myself I think it's a pity because he's that he's a great player.

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