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QPR may be destined for life in the Championship after this weekends results.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How -- -- out believes very Bronson dust still have a future at queens park Rangers next season even if -- -- relegated to keep -- got down this weekend if they -- -- the bottom -- reading. But even a win might and you deny being seemingly inevitable -- -- and it's like three points from -- and -- on Monday stating Redknapp with the prospects. Of serious school of rebuilding in this. Among those listening 200 read -- news conference whose TV executive but it they hit it. The two will meet next week to discuss building a team for the championship. A certain place. The starting. Do you remember watching gangs may to finish games and didn't do people -- more. Want to make a difference that she has to honor for us to get back out into the Premier League when we weren't they. I belts -- not simulate -- are among those likely to be wanted in the wind out. But there are other schools have a big wages between the. Well from the ones you -- achieving the -- you wanna go. And in the end it Lindsey not to make noted they don't when he goes on sit there that it it -- -- contract. While Murton may find himself back in the fold is Joey Barton. At the end of last season. Jody I don't will be you know running she's the one that -- most honest and -- Jeff great season for them to -- he's he's he's he's the -- If it doesn't look at nasty come ready to come back from playing under it didn't William Hill. The league table 22 took charge -- Paulson we can second off some rust from the Boston. Chris horrendous. Safe from a twenty point support behind Stoke City. Not enough there was -- QB all of this week given planning commission for the and you training complex due to be ready by 2015. The future's bright as soon for the Loftus -- pitch the treadmills and fall from populated. -- -- The golden -- nude picture and be like and soon to be great because you don't make the people who -- to be honest we didn't pitch. The pitch will be ready for next season and it seems Harry's ready and up for promotion thought. CF back in the Premier League straightaway to what some time to predicting -- always -- gotta be tough. Cultural sky high school.