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Current Video:Arsenal prepare for Manchester United clash|

FOX Soccer News previews Robin van Persie's return to the Emirates this Sunday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed -- didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now Arsenal fans they faced the painful reality this week and -- welcoming their former captain. Back to the emirates as a Premier League champions supporters or angry of course when Robin -- Percy left the club last summer in -- of civil where. And now he's going to show them what it looks like -- dollars and reports from London. Seeing Robin van -- he dropped pop the title with three flashes of his left looks on Monday and it's in the also half of the North London. The anger and agony fans that felt when that happens in the left out some there's hardly eased and now he's coming back as a Premier League champions is. I think what else we like Sosa unfortunately I've just seen my siblings -- And I particularly enjoyed what seeing apply it was all still Blanton and his vocal in that this. And that should boil some thing and don't do it for them -- we decided that it was like decisions the sounds of it wasn't to be happy night for any -- -- -- He was also split of the year last season having scored an incredible thirty Premier League goals. -- even publicly questioned the club's ambition. And despite not wanting to sell to a Premier League rival. Arsenal finally agreed to let him the small track that is. Many fans don't like it but he now looks very much like all souls prize put up Ford van has CNBC -- onto the pitch here on Sunday. Because Manchester United did the same there also when they were champions in 1991. And it's become a primarily custom. More recently in 2005. Despite all the animosity that was between the two clubs. United gave Chelsea -- -- on -- road Old Trafford but sir Alex Ferguson has sold about using that as motivation. For the following season. Couldn't agree more we got a good success in the all I can say we want -- that we don't let -- to be -- half. Athlete voting Manchester United on -- S success. I music tonight but I -- that next -- we're gonna win some things a bright shining in many ways that we got a -- containable members down as Paul and I got a bonus that I can see what it feels like. And -- that sends an ambition and determination but yet let's use it Somoza Beisel so let's say we're gonna get back. Into that position of once again winning -- It took Ben -- just three minutes to score against his former club when they visited Old Trafford this season. You know two months who won their sixth victory in the last seven meetings but the fight they've already been crowned champions could play into arsenal's hands. Aside -- -- -- -- it's a big hang out Davis and now you know they've been out all week in Manchester policy -- celebrates -- -- massive gain for Ralston is gonna go light bounces funnel guys. I'm sure I'm we just need three points out today so I think in some ways the big buildup to this guy he's gonna is gonna help and also found the going to be out for -- and we can again be on the team. Also face united haven't won eight of their last ten matches. Formal wins will guarantee them spots in the top fold. Beloved -- Arsenal the fox soccer news. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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