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Champions League-chasing Gunners will host Manchester United on Sunday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Round 55 continues on Sunday is that leads Boston team besides -- in Queens park Rangers need to -- stadiums. He seemed very that would confirm that relegation but -- -- sites ten points from safety with just -- that delightful even a weight which I need for a long inevitable. -- -- to a 21 loss at Norwich last week thinking that an enviable -- eight defeats in nine games. Probably just a single point second from the last 27 available. It's easy to see why the Royals are destined for swiftly than. Also I just games will welcome back held up some money from an injury cost -- because they have -- -- and I could also. The field -- to snipe us after they -- to break his boss Harry Redknapp admits survival is almost impossible. I'm not a real sport the last five guys it's tough to disagree that -- tested. The thing was that it compounded by injuries to the people -- trust our event runs over -- -- with a hamstring strain. Plus I don't Iraq to aggravate the shoulder felt good but he hit it down and Chelsea's push for a top four finish continues on Sunday when they had swamped city. The -- -- -- have wrapped up an important victory to anfield last week. But patsy precious point snatched away from them by Louis line -- that's just me but I is that. The draw left front failed any test site in pulled ahead of the weekend's games just about it -- Tibetan flags which -- Colts. -- Scott opened the scoring against Liverpool but the Brazilian is a slight doubt that said that after the field they know. At least back side maybe we stick however quite -- that Gary you know -- actually call because I think -- after missing the last forty games injury. That the bubble lightly stuff in place of Fernando Flores he's been terrific in each of the last three matches. -- -- held to a goalless -- by Southampton last Saturday a result it -- that witnessed the -- budgets. I think if it that he -- the effect here is a fantastic season that is to be -- out. Football Smart -- is intended to see his team at the campaign talk title. The date is yet cities in three previous encounters with the -- with Pablo Hernandez gets an -- secret I'd say there at best exchanged -- that. The match will be refereed by not left and that he makes his best return to Stamford Bridge. Since being falsely accused of making a racist remark about October. Sunday's final game seized nearly drowned Buckley's -- champions Manchester United face possible. A fierce rivalry will be stuck -- there is united -- to receive the traditional god of honor at the emirates. It basic goodness we'll have to of the old former striker -- -- -- -- to the ground where he failed to win this championship in the sixth snag. The dutchman history the pivotal signing -- ceramics Vegas and he took his they tally to twenty full with a much waiting Patrick against -- better on Monday night the result that sailed United's 24. -- They need to wait old marinating full manages to beat Chelsea's report for this type of 95 -- and keep -- by. They could welcome back real effective on -- -- big picture injury. Possible and make -- back traditional like sledge to secure a champions league qualification for sixteenth consecutive season. Expected that unbeaten run to six games for the -- on the witness for the that triumph came with a cost that it was an NBA jury -- -- in the French Open wheel race three of -- -- remaining bowl games. The bettors may also be without cannot -- that was on the receiving and 66 wells -- --

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