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Manchester City can only hope to lock up the second spot in the Premier League as they host West Ham on Saturday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Broke 55 of the Barclays Premier League -- -- without going champions Manchester City against West Ham United. 62 defeat to -- him last week coupled with Manchester United's Monday don't try to let that race efficiently -- to -- that fight back stocks -- today. Also what -- thought -- -- -- detector that's energy inside. And I just so long they were punished for lack of concentration and I felt good performance that Simpson after that season. Second place is still to be sealed and -- -- -- could -- back to help secure -- to -- to -- patient for the champions -- But a couple of big days to five hits -- positive announcement didn't happen to stay at -- -- at. Despite -- of the summer exit. Less time spent season -- it's not like it's been a success. They're safely full games this that I'm very grateful that the campaign and the place. Octavio victory at the -- -- Saturday extended the comments and be ready to fight matches. -- Bulls are still having noted that is what clincher for me no. Have they already is this likely out for the weekend after it counted and I think it's actually better. -- straight straight a straight home games he's also intelligent guy. And matches. A big game for both teams to beat deputies vacancy struggling Wigan faced hopeful -- until -- Pennsylvania the relegation zone after that to get rid -- -- west -- Despite creating plenty of chances prevent that documents like great great left empty handed on the right side they'll be thankful for best play and match. FA cup by discipline that last -- different Berenson -- this couple need to maintain baffled if that while another practice day. Well today as a spectator at the fitness that I'm an -- grounds out to be influential defender was forced off at sixteen minutes of the hockey. -- that Watson could featured the defense thanks it's good that best. The -- that injury. Thought of arriving -- having resurrected that jump you speak I think picture -- Manchester City. But courageous comeback from -- -- -- as both sides -- me to within a point typical hole. Comfortable at least that's what we -- we -- Eric -- respect for injury inspired hits then around the -- -- I checked just out of -- who he is his best doubles. Very impressive performances from the bench a little -- if I could follow up by pushing it's Dolphins today what -- you got asked to be back. -- -- Saturday they kicked off season Cassie and I can take on Liverpool. This weekend's results in Newcastle and not quite safe yet -- West of -- they've won just one team announced by about things I really solid hockey -- six forwards to outside. Injuries that type of my partial season on the weekend is that different with him prove I'm the project that he definitely ruled out. Well -- themselves Obama -- checked he had tonight over and they doubtful. And the blood the Cubs was that we've divided plate offenses and here on the sidelines. Simply push -- through injury and it. -- -- -- season it is in tenth place to do those last Sunday when they were Suarez fit Chelsea and different Ivanovic. Europe wide forward are schools that can obviously throughout his time on this site and thanks tonight that. Despite his limited practice Suarez to get -- last gasp equalizer to rescue quite -- It was his 25. Fared well. As well as his absence Spoelstra acknowledges he's likely to be without dropping steadily seen his teams to this advisory. I'm well forget garrido in his recruit the best team training distractions -- succeed -- -- -- to come back. They're three of the games being played on Saturday attitude must -- put in today's play anything great places gate crashing the hopeful. There's an eight table tussle between Southampton went from wells I played Hillary -- both sides still -- the results of guaranteed.

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