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After returning from a month-long loan at Sheffield, the US midfielder is now ready for first team action at Cardiff City.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why did you edition of the segment we sat down with the US national team midfielder Stuart Holden -- point seven year old has spent much of his three years of Bolton. Battling injury has just finished a quick loan spell at Sheffield Wednesday to regain his fitness and work his way back and you're in Klinsmann squad here's part one of our two part interview. I don't know who would have been better if you watch on TV -- who have yet again I was actually in the stands helicopter watching them play and the second then you -- found their -- goes down on the pitch you know you always think -- what's gone wrong but. When he stays down for a long period of time in everyone's going around and you see players go over on the pennant and quickly -- on the things you know you. You start fearing for the worst. So that -- -- trafford -- first appearance in Manchester united for us to Paris Old Trafford something. -- we young football is frustrating off what went through your mind in the media often off of that tackle. Yes I mean the past that was played me kind of skated away on the turf and it was just one of those split second decisions where. I thought I can win a tackle and you see Jonny Evans did tune in he kind of came in with a little more. Authority and I did you could say and them and I just hit it all happened so fast that. I just can't remember the impact and then looking at my need. You know. Gaping hole essentially in and seeing in Delaney a soda and think -- done anything that serious and they checked me out after the took me straight to the medical room they checked. But I've had 34 doctors checked in on me and so we think is just a really deep cut you know -- you'll be okay. So you know from that moment and put me in an ambulance rushed in a hospital and then. Had a few scans done and next thing you know I'm lying on the bed looking up here -- doctors talking and everyone debating over my -- and that's when I knew it wasn't gray. A fractured the joint of my -- and who's gonna need surgery tomorrow because it was an open fracture and but I was going to be out for a minimum of six months of known to be from such a high until then instantly to such a low is really tough for me I was. In a bar in Austin at 10 AM watching the game when he got tackled. With my friends you know we'd always go Saturday mornings with my girlfriend thing go watch his games at the same bar it down the street from my house and so when that happened my stomach drop. As a sportsman you're overseas so much in control of your body works out on a daily basis and kind of being in control if his account let's say was there ever upon when you -- just like this is this is -- getting better this is this is getting world. Yeah I think that was probably last summer I was building doing so well and then I would just hit the brick wall when I'm trying. Go on the grass and to take and what we have to an extent and it would not be back for a week as we let the swelling settle down and then. I'm -- lit up again over two weeks and think I was getting there again and then the same thing in. That was kind of a tough time for me I think that was probably the hardest time not initial injury not the second surgery I think it was at the point where I felt helpless almost in the everything that I did in no matter what I did trying different approaches going even slower than the last time. It just wasn't working was there anything specific that he said it was really difficult to get. Well I think it's kind of like what keys that it's it was the struggle that any -- me. Wanted to push further thought you'd be able to push further the next step said. You know doing jump -- and -- squat there kicking a ball in his knee would have. You know a reaction and then he got to take two steps back so. It's like you take two -- for it and then you take three steps backward so. I think that was a real big frustration. Did you kind of feel. -- -- throughout this period lead analyst guy in on you feel obligated to kind of trying to open yeah in. Not even NASA obligated but just wanting one into you know and -- my best friend and my brother and I only missed a secret about me he doesn't know and then you'd be the same news the other way around that I almost felt. Felt worse you know wind is going to be there one thing I want to be every step of the way and I was just happy that I was of him living with in the net I could support -- It's very undervalued. I think what what people. -- we'll think of businesses and your support system and if you don't rely on those those people that are their fear your friends your family. Those people closest to you I think you if you try and do all by yourself. That you you'll get through it.