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Current Video:Recap: Borussia Dortmund shows no mercy to Real Madrid|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Borussia Dortmund surprises the soccer world with a convincing victory over Real Madrid in their first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal match.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now aggressive Norman were drawn amongst the champions of England and the champions of Spain in the group stage in this competition few red -- -- the two time German Bundesliga title holders have learned from last season's errors. Those people are very wrong group of death winners again played also rally in the opening leg of the other champions league semi. Dormant last reached the semi is back in 9798 they were eventually knocked out but Real Madrid to Milan aggregate but lots of -- surrounding Larry Goodson coming in this one. He's not the -- next season eighth minute it's good they're gonna work for his side that he's played fourth since he was eight of beautiful cross -- from who else Robert eleven dusty. On -- outside its -- football won the bills for Norman. Great start 43 minute. Horrendous stunts from that's almost what is he doing in selling plane takes full advantage of does what he has to send it across to CF seven. And although that's his twelfth goal in eleven matches its fiftieth champions league goal as well 11 at halftime. I don't really need them Norman where dominating into the second half fiftieth minute. Seneca hero with a bad offensive zone pitfalls DiMarco -- he finds little dusty the polls on side and that's -- breaks through one. For Dortmund. Posts not fazed at all they won't even let up five minutes later more from the yellow be. Because he's trust cruising right. I. That guy's pretty good. Pretty good a hat trick for eleven dusty what -- -- the 66 minute Royce taken down in the box by Jeff comes up. -- points this spot right out complained who do you think stepped up. It's eleven dusty its fourth goal of the game. Was definitely last player defense was guesstimate for the European semi final that was back in 1960. Dortmund does -- right -- Madrid. 41 in the finals. -- -- dormant extending their winning streak to five national competitions now Chris -- -- -- although only the fifth player mentioned who have scored 55. Goals to managers had plenty to say after the. This is this. It was a good on the news. Great game off my help my team and that process so difficult to play because opponent so strong and it's a farce then they in column that takes so brilliant. When we know everything absolutely every single eleven mostly we know everything along and we study in from every -- -- possibly and we losing means we will silencing of the penalty losing in in singles and know exactly what to do it what it -- is of course very disappointed looked. You know when I lose and I don't deserve to lose -- for -- -- -- -- when -- lose -- -- deserves to -- For me is a situation that's accept. How many thousands -- the special -- say that now rubber eleven dusty is now a member of a very special club facilities. He's now the eighth player to ever score four goals in one match in the champions. On the likes of them Messi who's done it twice and others have tango with the mark back 2005 of them as a Roy did it for united. -- -- Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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