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Current Video:Suarez given 10-match ban|

Find out on FOX Soccer News, the ban that was delivered to Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. I just another reminder that you shouldn't go biting people on Tuesday Luis Suarez was officially charged by the FA. For his job on Chelsea's trying to slap in -- bitch and on Wednesday he was given as punishment. And in the same vein as an eye for an eye Ivanovic will be allowed to bites Lawrence. No I'm only kidding it's ten match -- As the Liverpool striker as until mid day on Friday to appeal the suspension. Here's -- the FA statement read a three person independent regulatory commission today upheld the FAA's claim that -- suspension of three matches was clearly insufficient. And the player will serve a -- 71 team matches in addition to the standard three Liverpool we have four matches left this season. Now in their statement that couples says both the club and the player shot with the severity of today's independent regulatory commission decision. We await -- written reasons tomorrow before making any comment several former players also gave their opinions on the -- My gut feeling is this maybe slightly -- Books. Some people say it's possible but don't say stuff that related to a great since I. I think when as far as the main problem is he's lost credits after a palacios is not just his best defense. That made whether it's six Celtics -- you're only talking -- the two or three weeks that it was going to be a long and -- for a couple of as far as ability to build. Hopefully -- Korea. What they did on Sunday the summing up numbers in the game and even before nothing -- can say that the recent abuse. Instant. Listening in this should be -- game I think after the stumbled and nothing for me ten games about right. Think you have to accept that. The crime that he he commits he was as if he's Cody -- at ten guy that is all you can do about -- Sam. It was an awful what tips brutality really waited and now and I think now he won't play -- -- toughest finishing way I see mostly because he wants to play him. -- -- and stuff they're not as a result of this latest event here are the matches Luis Suarez will be missing. The missed the next match against Newcastle in addition to the always exciting first decide Darby in the season finale. It's if you -- also missed that one carry over to the 2013 2014 campaign is set to miss Liverpool's first five primarily games. One of the cup match. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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