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Luis Suarez has been hit with a 10-game ban by the FA for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Liverpool striker Louis Suarez has been banned the ten matches devising the Chelsea defender Bratislava Ivanovic on Sunday. Obviously he's put a price -- and is it when they. While video -- is live for -- that I failed -- stop review. How then this regulation commission arrived at ten games. -- the football association wanted -- top punishment towards Lewis all eyes are not say exactly bolts. They have -- hit -- an independent regulatory commission who backs earlier today. We'll have video -- -- commission made up for the pot hole including a former player. A member of the FA console islands a Lola. Written submissions were provided by both the FA on by Luis Suarez. The FA passionately believes that Suarez and point six Bronislaw Ivanovic is out much more than a pregame -- You're a Smart race and accepted a three game -- felt good but balls more. But enough. Bought this independent commission that disagrees. I've updated seven games all into -- initial three game on for violent home dogs they -- ten games. Why did they do lots of well people have to wait until the publication. All of the -- reasons those were two reasons we'll vote go to. Whose smallest arms to the football association box an independent commission did born smallest oldest pitcher told the opportunity was. I'm guilty in bonds for eight games of racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice -- a -- in 2011. So the clear implication is that pretty loose ball did go against them. But anything more than -- pure speculation we have to wait until the Ritson reasons become known. No reaction yet from the football association here at Wembley they -- will wait for the publication of the reasons. Though you sense they will be satisfied this ten game behind. More than three times the normal body imposed for violent -- dots. Putts than the new hero at Wembley Stadium a very different view all -- site's video called out. It's an on field satellites -- It is very different -- I think this may probably best sums up the mood here I'll messy side and I got as well certainly from the funds. I've spoken to -- around outfield this evening get angered that. They say the punishment as unfair and certainly when the club released a statement a short while ago is well. There was I -- kidnapped from the -- -- -- as a bad feelings regarding this ten much about that we Suarez has received let's have a look. A little purple -- proud to say. But the club -- a shot I'm disappointed. Of the severity of today's independent regulatory commission decision. We're right there with some reasons tomorrow. Before making any further comment. On the will of course be adjustment for the -- tomorrow but monitor Brendan Rodgers gives his media briefing ahead of Liverpool's game against New Castle at the weekend. I'm Vinny how much now does this -- into question but as far as Lashley standing at a -- I think the -- variables Simon is Luis Suarez and his feelings on his own future in in this case. As for Liverpool football club stunts I don't think that's changed until it from their reaction in the immediate. -- -- The incidents with Luis Suarez and -- -- Ivanovic Liverpool then took the stops managing director at. -- at took the stops to condemn Luis Suarez -- actions. Also offering a hand to support it or not they wanted to see out the remaining four years -- -- the remaining years on the Fauria deal but he signed. Last summer and once again as well has been further support. From Liverpool from within the dressing room for Jamie Carey gets a day with comments comparing incidents at the biting incidents at the kind of incidents that can break a -- leg and Billy comparing which is -- S and he certainly set. In that instance he would rather be bitten by Savard. Then -- set a career threatening challenge so as the site plenty of support from Liverpool football club for Luis Suarez -- also condemning. His actions. Brian what's the next step now. We'll slots three game bond for Luis Suarez stones immediate laid -- was always going to happen when he accepted the FA charge of violent home dots. -- Lewis -- most noticeably this weather and all he wants to repeal. The farther second games that brought it owns about three game behind syndicate head. The risk attached to any appeal was that it's an appeal commission can sit and besides that ten games isn't it off. They might increase the bonds about something that spies will take into consideration. When he reads the -- -- reasons but whatever happens Suarez is bound for the next three games. -- satellites is left to reflect on the possibility of missing the remainder of the season. I'm the first six games of mixing. A good drive and now thanks very much so let's just confirm in the game to Suarez will miss beginning Whitney council way to Saturday. That is the most -- -- Dhabi -- the fifth of may before matches against Fulham and queens park Rangers and -- things that and he'll miss six games next season five of the league one in the second round all the league cup. So they spend his last act of political play of this season's going equalizing going against Chelsea have proved Sunday. It continues -- than -- performance this season. So what a -- he's being politically safe in any. Christian event tech gave Aston Villa has had a -- influential seasons have been a strike has signed -- -- SF 53% of the club's skills -- come Suarez. -- school we'll sit up 49%. Of Liverpool's goals. Suarez battles so and his hopes of winning the premier league's golden -- the leading scorer he's one behind -- found Percy who's now the overwhelming plan. Overwhelming favorite -- the wolves.

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