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Get the latest news regarding Luis Suarez's attempted biting of Branislav Ivanovic and hear from legendary boxer Mike Tyson only on FOX Soccer News.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As what you missed it didn't watch fox opinions last night's. Liverpool's Luis Suarez has accepted at -- charge of violent conduct for biting Chelsea defender Bratislava Ivanovic on Sunday. But it striker is going to just be at the fact that at face that he should be given more than at three match ban. And it wake up bomb mets' former Liverpool player even -- sent there is a positive. Pullman. It -- -- striking Ian rush and his people should look at the positives in the opt not to forget as far as despite some kind of cut -- benefits. The year decline has been charged with violent conduct by the faithful in the institute Sunday's game -- -- -- -- -- out. Not to rush who was it was all time leading goal scorer at least the Cubs covered oxman has kind of the situation well. I think it and they nothingness people who said look what he's doing always apologize for what he's doing on -- he's been dealt with by the FA so. But from what -- what to do you feel it doesn't -- you know lots and that's a way to keep it no insight inside out and everything book. Then that they do is apologize and there and wait for the -- that closely -- just lets see what actually take on the. An independent regulator commission will be till Wednesday to repeat incidents. And then before games remaining political science nineteen than last as far as the season thought it would benefit the last time -- -- -- -- at some jazzy. The Cubs have confirmed that they intend to keep that prolific that controversial strikeout. -- still no love lost between the trees everywhere and Luis Suarez during Manchester United on field celebration after clinching primarily title on Monday at rough. Lost Flores by pretending to play -- -- dismembered arm where you get that thing last season Suarez was given an eight match ban for racially abusing a rough last season and -- the defender during the rematch and -- later in the year. Well -- did find an unexpected supporter in the world champion boxer Mike Tyson. -- -- -- as well known for taking a bite out of Evander Holyfield here in 1997 and start following Suarez on Twitter right after the striker. Let his teeth marks -- -- on that it's. Here's what Tyson had to say about the incidents on the David glad radio show. It sounds. How hard it sort of got the putter then -- upgrade at Ohio. They're doing -- -- at all effective while it would it guarantee it -- about you know they're I -- And you know and I'm sure he led Atlanta is Darren let him lead the band that I would go and all of that walk. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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