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Current Video:Varane adjusting to life at Real Madrid|

French defender Raphael Varane discusses his move to Madrid and how he has integrated into the first team squad.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed -- he didn't want to fox soccer news last night. Taking a look at -- Madrid's -- there and you can't help but notice all the glamorous names famous for offensive creativity and prowess however to be as successful as I dread. Have a strong back line and that the -- a -- young defender -- I have brown has found a home. It's no mystery -- real -- of this season's top scorers in the U. Jose Mourinho scouts -- attacking philosophy. Is to make to match for -- Personal. And Benson. But -- -- -- rules so blessed in defense with a nineteen year old Frenchman standing to the back. And so. The -- around. Holly Hunter worked hard to get to where I am today and Quentin and I've also been helped along by my team makes. -- -- some much from them already. And for the inside out than a low score also a big thank you pass to go to my college. He put his trust in me and helped me improve upon it's a combination of all these factors which has helped me improve so quickly or something. It's been a breakout you hover around now full international he was first spotted playing the French club lost. My round Madrid legend. And can sit down notes. It's thanks to these two ounce of courage and he's he was my first contact with the club on furcal and then the coach told me of his plans to -- out with him he wants me to join this project and to make me a better player. And this gave me the confidence and belief to join the team line. Focal points. A key components and Madrid's blistering attack is messed up -- But the German international is fully aware of how crucial rounds defenses. To their chances this season. With the Iran developing into a formidable -- That was a nice from the. Still -- a bit of experience. But because of his performances and the status he has now reached in the squad nice solid way of playing of his skill and tackling and one on one situations -- that's -- we're delighted to have such a young and talented player not -- -- -- -- -- lucky that I placed around -- through tonight and I'm really happy with that and how to play against enforcement and -- and excited -- Next up full Ray Allen around and match against another explosive. Counter attacking team policy development. Who finished above the Spanish champions in the group stage. So I think you can play our team he switched from defense into attack very quickly. They just love to attack him if that's the way we play as well so I'm looking forward to being part of such an exciting match. We have seen that there are very good team when they have not reached the semifinals slight chance we met them in the grip size so we know that -- have a lot of quality and that team. We also know that we need to be strong and played very well to beat the emergency let -- know. After a stunning season in the UEFA champions league -- -- around is now believing in the happy ending. Real Madrid winning a tenth European Cup. Almost a soft so we managed to get out of -- difficult -- us and we then eliminated Manchester United. And notice how -- got a -- arrive in the quarterfinals. So we must keep our momentum going reach the final and lift the trophy confronting the UEFA champions league represents the best of the best. -- he's the greatest club competition. But the best emotions. And the greatest moments in -- Olson who is it almost winning the UEFA champions league is my dream for -- Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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