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Current Video:A look at Xavi throughout his years in Barcelona|

Check out Xavi as he gives us a look of what it means to be part of Barcelona.


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There are few players involved in football and pledged their entire careers to 1 o'clock. Now in his fifteenth season with Barcelona. -- -- being delighting fans attempt now for nearly two decades. Becoming an inspirational force in the team that's revolutionized. The mountains. I'm telling me. I was only young that in this pizza did these -- -- first steps is a Barcelona Atlanta was that that was a hard time -- -- and I was nervous and itching to do well it was for an eighteen year old it's difficult only adequately I have great memories from that time. And I was -- -- all the players especially the homegrown ones I really do have a wonderful memories and isn't thinking you know once since I've been here there is being knowledge of the club of how we should play at least that's how we should be controlling games and not waiting for me if I'm going to take the initiative they. We go out and attack in a straightforward life and people identify that style with the club in the I don't think the Barcelona fans would understand if we changed our style and I'm no longer controlling gangs a lot of outings totalling. As Barcelona style of play has evolved so it was -- significance to their system. In his time at the club he's transformed from a simple holding midfielder into the conduct of orchestrating these teams with them with a touch -- -- For the complete. -- before tremendous unhappily in a much the last few years I've played a zone defense about a very similar to the position Sergio -- -- started -- -- and I caddy -- frank -- -- kind of shake out and Louis -- Jonas was the coach of the national team and we flew it fifteen to twenty meets his classes there I was able to have a big impact on the game. Don't unintelligible to the final costs and I -- -- -- always has -- so over the years I didn't refer the fourth at the seven or eight is always much -- But I think eagerly -- -- I think the more technically gifted players have to play -- forest. Last thing you know -- -- position is still a much more defensive player just by Adam -- whatever his restraint didn't give some balance. All I have to play higher on the pitch. -- and Barcelona travel to Paris for the first leg of the quarterfinals. The Catalan have been boosted by the attendance at coach -- Villanova. Absent for three months last fighting cancer. Over to him how we definitely -- -- -- he made a battle. And came back full of passion and he has posted -- symphony -- confidence despite everything that's happened he is an example thank everyone personally salute. While he was suffering. The fact that the final visit -- again motivates us and makes his dream of being there again. There's still a long way to go out and it will be difficult but we want to be there because we have great memories of London and the wind the particular.

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