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Current Video:Recap: Manchester United captures 20th league title|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Manchester United, with an inspired Robin van Persie, defeated Aston Villa and crowned Premier League champions.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. We start at Old Trafford with a primarily trophy was up for grabs yes. With the full three points Manchester United could wrap up their twentieth title standing in the way. Lowly Aston Villa who went into this one just three points up on the drops on rod and then Percy starting to heat up scoring in consecutive games for the first time since January. So it's Ferguson also. Looking for his thirteenth title personally and less than ninety seconds and all of this for an omen of good luck. Rafael cross and and Ryan Giggs setting abroad and then -- to the back of the net. Manchester United the dream start. The -- to an early one nil lead in the in the thirteenth minute. More from the united Wayne Rooney how about this long path and prevent Percy spectacular finish on the ball late. Maybe the best of the year second goal for our BP. Two million night and vent person not done there though 33 minute -- -- to then Percy. There's a league leading 24 goal of the season a first half hat trick. Never in -- Manchester United clinching their twentieth title fifth in seven years three -- your final. Magic tonight in winning their points EPL title in the win at least -- -- in top flight football in England have -- RBP is hat trick. The fifth of his career and since January 2011 band -- season recorded 72 goals in 89. Premier League appearances afterwards and Percy spoke about the joy of finally winning the title. Okay. Many many ways it be fixing that. Number twenty brought you -- Columbus went to. Although some is an the fifteenth jumped ship to Kevin division. Does a lot quizzes and I bet. They were deserved they move but consistency is one as a league and for excessive -- as a person I. Second only to contend for the overseas is -- and sent off so it. Century for -- -- said I think to focus its human leaders but I think that the focus and the challenge of sensitive. And where they come from so that. They're pretty crazy stuff here of the rankings of top flight English victories by club Manchester United the latest title. Giving them twenty all time which is a league record to more than rivals Liverpool Manchester United winning five of the past seven. PPL titles -- Alex Ferguson picking up his thirteenth -- really title. Also a record. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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