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Robin van Persie scores his first hat-trick for the Red Devils against Aston villa.


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Starting to come back to his best form just like he scored his first of the season but less than the other night that -- to play it and guns and gates and it was -- -- The coach -- the event itself. The fullback to run fly out and then this is it good for us. -- goes upside it's certainly. Really didn't wasn't -- -- -- -- and -- -- you don't look good cumulative point of view. Think we'll go until you make a good read that the brakes on. Okay. Any season. So I. Life but it was just so solidly and don't take anything away from the technique because the balls. The finishing blocks to hopefully show them. It's not a good -- series and I'm there. Many years ago it's. Just about decided. Who's -- he's running. That is extraordinary technique and I still think this should should be doing and is not I do. Let the fight back scoring twice and being involved in the third goal as well which went down as an end goal against the law now that gates. Sure there's an. Good finishes and -- -- now finds -- I think this is. -- -- You do anything. -- -- It's always good tonight. A night game tonight. We've got -- so it's obviously gonna play the full -- full. So for the pole position. You saw it again. -- -- -- Composure and he still looks good -- -- It's a little bit. It's like it's not -- We just don't -- inside of the -- was.

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