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Manchester United win a record 20th Premier League title after beating Aston Villa 3-0.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Manchester United stated that they didn't expect -- against had been doing that victory would give them -- 28 nineteen. They achieved that needs some style -- with less than ninety seconds on the floor and they've been this season rubbing back and FC. -- game replace right Jeff -- well played games. And I have the chance to week but nice quality that the date it's the -- why did this to bed that night but -- they didn't score up. Over the crossbar and yeah. Okay we -- build cities that's the team appearances giving -- to this we'll. That would stick and it's gently around though traffic. As it was -- -- at the other end and doubled their lead all by students that they could take the fifth goal of this season -- Batman fan Nancy. A sumptuous pass role played Rudy. Back Nancy wouldn't trade the quality. It's -- represent. No chance whatsoever. That's what they've dabbled with the Luis Suarez told 23 goals at the top of things that you. Those schooling shots but the dutchman was finished then just after the half hour. He wrapped up the name out the title. Vincent taking that next school with his second streak of the season. Ninety strolling down way to victory. The result means that lasted into stage three points above the relatively good. It's complicated and -- would go to the -- didn't stadium on the last day of the season they have the back through the chances in the second half. Started out -- got -- tanks at the Q having played so yeah. This however that was in ninety ninth and thirteenth rated league title and -- still weak pool games that he. This season now than trying to break Chelsea's written. When it's time for the final whistle spot scenes of celebration. United's champions again.

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