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Current Video:Luis Suarez Charged By The FA|

Liverpool's Luis Suarez has been charged with violent conduct by the FA after biting Branislav Ivanovic.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- full half finds Luis Suarez following his fight -- Bratislava Ivanovic in yesterday's super Sunday -- Our post a video caught up in sit and sales meanwhile Brian Swanson will bring us Alexis from the face football headquarters to -- stops. Outweighs that little pull they've acted very very quickly that's that I haven't made any. -- out of they may very stiff. Lee and Dave Liverpool from really when he did that happen today I imagine the attitude they've taken. Really was managing director in at the -- his planned trip to Australia. And the fall race what are -- is due to promote the club's pre season until he very much wanted to take a hands on approach. Today so that's 'cause it's -- down to the club wanting to avoid the kind of criticism. That they received the handling of the Suarez every situation now last night they released a statement and it's Suarez his actions were condemned by his manager Brendan Rodgers condemned. What about a -- -- it as well while Suarez himself apologized. To Bratislava Ivanovic. He also apologized to his teammates the project on the bounce collected the ball down and today Liverpool football club issued another statement that the fan but they have in -- -- Find Luis Suarez an undisclosed amounts but he Uruguayan striker wants it the money to go to the hills provide support group. There is what Liverpool football club managing director -- NN I have to set. I think the most important thing was so we acted swiftly yesterday on. Really achieved his apology. I'm -- spoke with him last night. And again this morning in and out and it's taken action to finally whose actions come -- spoken to him I've spoken to him. I'm gonna be -- further on is discipline I think come. You know we certainly. You can see doing these things tomorrow how sorry is about it and you know he's certainly shown call -- contrition -- And unless Parcells guy he's also lost. We donate to find some Eagles profoundly sepulchre. -- I think he felt like he looked slow people down -- the -- and and it a little we will work but -- as a safe and Brendan particularly I'm on the side of this so character if you like and he's getting into some. You know I think hopefully that's puts them -- to rest from all points of view among them away and see if there's any further action from from the football so things. Video suppose to be saying very city and errors sign that we are gonna work with him Sonny's future of the club. I isn't coming to an -- presumably. Yeah my comments are centered around Luis Suarez is the agenda. Some conjecture as to whether he's played his last game for Liverpool football club well that he should be sold. This summer I said I don't think that's the course of action at Liverpool football club are -- to -- -- as you set out -- as well it has stunts and also the fact. That he he said earlier today that -- Suarez signed a four year contract last summer. And they would all love him to see out back contract at Liverpool football club earlier today as well I hooked up with what political captain. Phil talks and an accidental striker David backed up and makes you happy to go along with what the club decides -- not skull. I'm more complete cause you to quickly. After the game. And yesterday I was looking out and I thought -- quickly let's have an apology let's go straight dad let's make sure we do things rights as the little hopeful -- globe. As always -- gourmet meal which don't. So what did it came really apologized and they have the club apologizing. I'm not be -- and getting ready for. So India things unstable look at the principal was put it in the right as he fits in -- for the did you know it gets released waters knows that we'll get comments about his ten games this or maybe more maybe. It's. Not so we have to be really good -- the world's press a little -- in this. -- a huge event and that's important for both from -- for the spotlight on the field which cops. In the -- to do without us and in some ways he should say hopefuls Seligman -- be midst pulls somebody else is gonna take Lewis was he's a fantastic football awards hopeful ball as a in the world at the moment. I think he needs a little bit at Helton and in doing so wait. I kind of felt as well that since the incident it has been in Constant Contact -- little pulls out does that well aware of the situation. I'm happy with how everything is being handled it handled as well.

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