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Current Video:Recap: Suarez gives Liverpool late equalizer|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Liverpool comes away with a late draw against Chelsea thanks to Luis Suarez but his conduct during the game will come into question.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Big story heading in was the return of the beloved -- Benitez to his old stomping grounds with Chelsea held up. -- -- seven minutes of action -- thought was merely a side nights will be chewing on this one throw one life. It is written in his rent plus it still absolutely love. And you face doing the fact that we won by 26 Johnson from the gonna. One that's it's an awesome job -- poster boy who lost in head for the -- who may be instilled some lovely that -- one mil. Chelsea fully Stephen -- right wolf wolf Luis Suarez -- -- or writes. Can't beat it check this why is. Was playing pretty well on this 11 they'll kind of rank second up on comes Daniel -- it's for the reds different game if things. Right -- from Suarez to -- started slip slide up one apiece and wait and go from Liverpool. However 55 minute details of -- bonus or is fiscal -- -- it's just you so blatant. He's cool and penalties awarded and then I was -- steps up. And schools to one. Chelsea and this was upset about that they and the 65. -- -- six Suarez would twice. Bratislava benefits the referee didn't see it's been six cameras and about six billion people who -- it's definitely. Suarez stays on. Seventh minute of injury time you know. This season. The maximum benefit slumps that hasn't got a victory and I don't blame them the reds and Chelsea Lately has been to. You also as mentioned that loss was his league leading 23 over and hang bouts. Also it's -- -- -- decision -- reds locked into Johnson's face unbeaten in the last six league games against the blues. Well in the match Brendan Rodgers -- off the -- punching incident. I'll go in our review it to and an -- sent. It's going. It didn't need to be in the air out of me too soon enough and grinch is not really want to -- to see in a press conference. Princeton system scrub it that was -- embarrassing. And and he's concerned that image of the cloak of being up in the same. I was sitting until until I see it I don't make an honest appraisal and and Coleman afterwards opponent assistant. Until it do this is a career incredible fun and succeed and assists through. How could just. Always different people who similarly the thing the wrong with the women I was already up and this year we knew so well. And on the move on from a people have to accept if you do wrong if that was what -- case there's enough to do them physically except the consequence accordingly but. You know. As a disappointment that we don't know talk on the football. When he would see it saying it was unacceptable meanwhile Suarez when it's quick to apologize thing. I'm -- what happens often and I apologize Ivanovic and old before well what inexcusable behavior and so I'm sorry about it. Adding -- just spoken to the benefits and -- and I apologize -- ready to and the thanks for accepting. Alicea right. Some scores and highlights and low lights atmosphere like this idea just yet. If you have handled bats -- go as Liverpool ousted Mansfield town and break up. In 2011. And spent eight games. Was found guilty of ways to use and since it broke. 2010 with a played his yet there was that deliberate hand ball in the World Cup quarter. Finals as well than not -- on the ball it's the flip it if I acts which -- seven men. And -- this week FH executive Gordon Taylor defendants was making the the actual list he -- in today's incidents. It was not participate straightaway extra somehow acceptable when it and it's just you know he just so disappointed that such an incident. Is that I'm gonna take over all the headlines from what was a great game and -- Its reputation for control of the state continues to increase when. You know you bring me some days searchable slalom of the world back so it sounds. It is a real you know it's a real battle lemon and of course there they're gonna have to kill them. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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