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Current Video:Reaction to Suarez bite|

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, Chelsea interim boss Rafael Benitez as well as Reds captain Steven Gerrard weigh in on Luis Suarez's latest bout of mindlessness.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No one night here also so -- was never supposed to live on the very. I'll go in our review determined and that complacent. -- reasons. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Grinch is not really want to you to see in a press conference. Princeton is it just felt that that was as embarrassing. And he's concerned that image of that hopefully -- -- in the same. I was -- set until I until I see it I don't make an honest appraisal and and Coleman afterwards opponent assistant. -- -- to -- this is a coach would incredible fun and succeed and assists through. It's just what do you think of the fact that you conceded two points in the end to a goal schoolboy player. Who bitch won't review plays during the second now. I didn't see anything it was just concentrate and eventually -- didn't. Are you aware of the incidents have any comments kept their distance and I'm not aware of incidents and fifty is -- for -- you -- you sense is there. I'll make -- judgments and -- and seeing what happens in is that something that we your experience in the game the you've come across before. And there's a -- that close again don't. Know in terms of one of you'll play this -- being bitten by an opponent. And sending some sort -- kept in him what you consider if you listen to replace. Is really heady kid but this time regarding double triple. How about it's over monster performance and a prince performs this and they -- in the season he's been I try the best player in the league. And you know he's in the just behind and on the messy -- plays in the -- so -- -- -- have a -- -- -- is a genius and as a client knew him. When you put any show us in these big community changed and it's pricey and the people wanna -- quote -- instances put in a commitment economy. This tendency. Of course ours is one of the best players in the league on his course -- I'm not really sure if people told -- I'm not. Is this the -- once postseason to get something that Ivanovic mentioned in the dressing school out. I'm always. Speak hopefully enormously and know the players and protect them and kind. You know -- won't know. In the world -- -- Altman an honest appraisal of and as much as this it's always different people to simulate the -- the wrong hotel Loman has already open issue we -- so well. And on the move on from. People have to accept if you do wrong if that's what the case there's enough to do them category except the consequence accordingly to it. You know. As a disappointment that you don't know -- to under the triple. Not sure what to -- literally. Embarrassing. You know possible probable directs his two oldest just -- and get invincible tourists and keep them in the -- called. These make it very difficult. For himself to still -- we've got to some in the last chance saloon no more important and ended up. This safeguarding. The good name of the civil -- -- sisco was a world renowned and so we'll call you know there is it is up there was any Barcelona Real Madrid -- -- him. And vocal force help us momentum thing out of you do until we you know we talk about this book people we talk about this for a long long time. It's gonna sure Liverpool and a very Bud -- you know us face this week all week's anniversary of Middlesbrough. You know we have to look at every track record in the process to bring them Suarez -- -- track record and a five seasons and with the Patrice having shockingly it. This is not the first time he's been someone of the civil much they just cannot make enough -- this could send. And a last chance saloon deliverable --

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