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  1. The reds0:27
  2. ball game1:11
  3. season opening0:18
  4. Liverpool0:59, 1:20
  5. Chelsea0:36, 1:07
  6. Jerusalem0:56
  7. Caribbean1:33

Current Video:Liverpool v Chelsea Premier League Highlights 04/21/13|

A win away to Liverpool would see Chelsea move up to third in the table. Could Rafael Benitez's side grind out a victory at their interim manager's old stomping ground?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shields he missed the chance to get booted the prudently opted to one school that. -- -- my personal -- and let them and they buy two season opening goal. -- still scoring 26 minutes on the clock. -- think the club to pull that. The reds -- second best in the first half but looked at different so I don't beatable and steroids came in at half time. The former Chelsea striker a little for the red sit -- and soft the results. He finished -- the -- and we'll never get downing and smallest in the. -- -- -- This is an -- game that will be remembered for the down side of the -- of Jerusalem would go on strike hit. Would assume from Liverpool influenced scores from -- Six yard box but. And we'll take a break from Chelsea retook the -- who couldn't. Good to lose this ball game. Into the match then it's mingled with me and Suarez and and this. Liverpool man but he needs to put you suppose that people who have been filled to the ground and -- Incidents it would look good teams it's time. And Suarez. What won't -- with the Caribbean. It's another control -- and we were wounds kick his career. To add insult to injury fluorescence -- didn't -- was that his head it can sit. Time for starters these girls these good -- go to the -- For the bullets -- would that influences going into the season. Extraordinary sink into the infield and into the points and you'll -- too.

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