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Catch all the action from Sunday's clash at White Hart Lane.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it -- return to this Mets team. So they've come from behind to keep that champions league dream alive. But he was Manchester City who penetrated early on in this game that they kept my pitching coach Wannstedt as kids build up. Resulted in semi end has raced against them has been unique bill since the opening day this season. Really good -- to play from the defending champions. Talk unable to cope with the movements. It was something that's not been for the -- by hostile man to silence the -- taught me faithful. Outside of the welcome back to all this game -- -- about it until I failed to cross was swinging like for the captaincy. It was the start. Of -- purple patch will talk and a sumptuous cross stubbornly defending. Dempsey and lifting the -- of the -- bands. City's resident performance defensively. Was coming to a crumbling holds. To make it but I came off the bench -- -- he scored his first goal since boxing day. Responsible with twenty that team he's busted the team and he. He does enjoy playing against the champions that's eight goals and sixteen appearances. -- did I can't Manchester City. But. Sullivan scored three in six and a half full sixty minutes Barrett failed though he's been able to the school streets. In two isn't a purple patch at twelve goals in his last thirteen. On nine in his last nine Premier League games. This a significant victory his first but matches decisions made on the -- trophy is open type not. Full time the lights -- -- told -- three. Manchester City won't.

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