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Both sides are in need of points in Saturday's clash at Loftus Road.


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Two different meetings and multiple teams -- off this road -- little -- today bless that city. Played a crucial victory. Advantage to the medication. It's not great agency policies stunted the game right they were nice to have inside sixty seconds built around. It was cool to be stopped and at -- -- changes made lineman Jeff Green back in Rome last weekend's defeat to -- You shall -- a pass passed it back it was nice. One of those days -- Rangers got. Do you have their chances and dominated -- only half an hour a night like maybe half full good opportunities in defense stopped the fight that. -- -- to score and we find goals and the Iraqi January almost maybe six here. And -- him and -- and took shots beat the crouch went close with a -- for distance. And a couple of minutes before half time. Put the wayside in -- could let for an average -- that's music is not stopping the pass broke free. He should have done activity. -- -- -- once on the road this season. They lost their last six away games coming in today's match. I just pressed for an equalizer in the second. Anyway classic game. -- That's -- -- -- ten for extra safety. We just cool things that right now she'll be relegated to that make sure victory with fifty minutes that. But the big sandy thank baffle the players didn't think we'll wrap things -- -- -- -- with the strike into the ground. It's going to respond to the world says yeah. It's nice second attempts and faster into the fourth quarter of a chance for. It's -- future big mistake to -- six points above the Bulls pre -- and it's -- unit -- finished.

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