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Current Video:Norwich City v Reading Premier League Highlights 04/20/13|

Catch all the action from Carrow Road as the Canaries host the Royals.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Things for us right now that it went -- number sixty looking. That victory that would it's not their opponents into an indication -- -- it's a youth and hitting at the best opportunity of the best not to take an eight. Have -- -- yet he hasn't scored in his last seven appearances they're -- And not hitting the bullet a close look at camp any of these plus. Well thanks that means that it's -- to escape with just one hit a bit lost six feet. Matches than before hopefully it's not that case it snowed in place to break it -- so -- so at half time. On that and sporting Kansas City. -- go against Edmonton and streaks -- victory. The only constant at the into the. -- -- -- -- -- I pulled me maybe go through basically it's tough to keep running good. Lieutenant in the festival through these things go in there at sixty minutes. Back to me. Davis makes a that it took doubled their abilities this kind of teasing thrust them -- not seed if not the it must be made. Another -- his stud and it's. And Bryant. It -- -- -- Franchitti they'll pay to have you taken a hit -- victory against hope that. So if it's on -- for a massive hit -- Themselves that they do. Bidding will go oh baby ten would -- 55 at the table and it's an escape so victory was imperative they did the little back. Tying goal to Nathan can't beat -- and -- fifty tonight from twenty yards plus it makes little makes it maybe sealed next weekend's. They've mixed leagues not make it is communication seems all the incentive tonight to nineteen side now.

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